Why I Love Shopping Online (And You Should, Too)


I've never really been one to brace the hoards of bargain hunters on a cold winter's day. If I'm honest, jostling for the next biggest deal against bony elbows and trodden toes, isn't really my idea of fun. It takes the polish away from discovering those rare treats that can only be found through mindful searching or chance glanses. Many of the items I buy these days, come from quiet corners of the internet. Little places that whisper of their presence rather than shouting brazenly. It's these places I gravitate towards when buying for loved ones, or searching for a pick-me-up. They tend to … [Read more...]

Scandi-Chic Christmas Table Inspiration


I can't believe November is almost over. It feels as if we were just getting ready for the summer sunshine not too long ago, but now the nights have drawn in, there's a chill upon the air and the heating is on more often than not. With the drawing to a close of another month, many of us are looking toward Christmas, that festive, cheery time of the year and the many memories that will be made. This is one of my favourite seasons and I can't help but smile as I think about that special day and the glow of my children's faces. … [Read more...]

Beautiful Gifts For Writers: Geometric Notebooks by Mulk


Writing is a gift I've cherished ever since I was taught to put pen to paper. Stories have always flowed easily for me and by the age of 14 I'd taught myself a quaint style of handwriting that was elegant, graceful and full of loops and swirls. Even now when I write notes, I choose to do so with a good pen and a quality notebook. For me it's the experience of forming words into something legible, that has that inescapable pleasure. Knowing that someone will read those words is even more comforting, even if it's just me who will read them. … [Read more...]

Six Amazing Places That Inspire Simplicity

6 Places That Inspire Simplicity

Living a minimal lifestyle is still new to me. It’s a steep learning curve that I’m not sure I’ll ever perfect, yet each time I learn something enlightening, I’m eager to carry on. The benefits that a more simple life can provide our family are almost limitless. This got me thinking about where I’d most like to live out the rest of my days. Where on this great, blue planet could you live or at least escape from life in this way? Today I’ve chosen six examples that would do it for me. Let’s take a look: … [Read more...]

5 Useful Tips For Buying Children’s Furniture

Tips For Buying Children's Furniture

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be great fun but it can also be a challenge when you consider all of the safety concerns regarding children’s furniture alongside issues relating to cost, durability and comfort. If you are currently furnishing your child’s bedroom, you will be able to find a nice selection of designer children’s furniture online and you will have the chance to purchase it directly from your home without annoying visits to overcrowded stores. With this in mind, here are some useful tips for buying children’s furniture. Decide on a budget Decorating a child’s bedroom is … [Read more...]