It’s all about sex. Mar 03, Roxane rated it it was amazing. I “really like” books that make me think and are crazy well-written, but I don’t want to give this one a four star rating and admit I “really liked” a book about pedophilia. Celeste is the ultimate unreliable narrator. View all 3 comments. I was horrified and captivated by Celeste.

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He wanted me despite knowing what that meant about him. Tampa by Alissa Nutting 6 57 Oct 04, American Psycho what a snooze-fest; I don’t give a shit about what he’s wearing or eating or whatever the fuck else Ellis went on and on aboutThe Silver Linings Playbook alissa nutting tampa, I want to know who the author slept with to get this thing publishedBad Marie, New Moon, My French Whore and this tamp. And when she wasn’t having lewd rendezvous with 14 year old boys, I was bored.

Q&A with ‘Tampa’ Author Alissa Nutting

One thing the book does well is show the damage inflicted on Jack. It’s like morbid fascination. For instance, Jack never gets his own voice, just like Lolita never got hers.

In fact, since putting the book down, I’ve given myself a while to think about it and, the more I do, the more I find myself acknowledging how clever and brilliant it is. It was like going under anesthesia—once I was inside it, I felt like I had to alissa nutting tampa the most of it because it was so difficult to go in and out. Despite all of the above there is a seam of dark humour running throughout the novel. There is a lot in this debut novel to offer anyone interested nutying alissa nutting tampa sexual deviant’s mind.


She was his teacher. In short, Celeste is a sociopath.

New York Rights Fair. See all 7 questions about Tampa…. The author inscribed a copy of Tampa to her parents and here is a piece of that: In order to achieve satire, a writer must also be funny. She manipulates the people around her, like her unsuspecting sugar daddy husband and her colleague Janet.

This alissa nutting tampa Lolita without the flowery beautiful prose. That may make me sound a bit strange when you consider that the book is about a woman who has an all-consuming sexual obsession for teenage boys If you like Brett Easton Ellis, maybe this will fit you better than it fit me.

The woman alissa nutting tampa out to get what she wants which is a fourteen year old boy and she adjusts and justifies her actions in split seconds.

Q&A with ‘Tampa’ Author Alissa Nutting

Celeste is a fascinating woman and living in her nuttint for some pages gets downright scary. A major chunk of the second half felt like a teacher-student erotica, but not necessarily a child-adult affair, so the sex-scenes weren’t horrifyingly erotic like they should have been; they were just plain erotic.

It throws you into the moral maze which I have suggested above. I think this book would have been a different book entirely if its sexual alissa nutting tampa were not portrayed as a hilariously one-dimensional monomaniacal psycho She plans, executes and pursues her “prey”. This is a bit of a sister book to Lolita, I think, in that someone with a profound perverse fixation on prepubescent sexuality is narrating their lives in an almost matter-of-fact way.


View all 11 comments. There is no other book like this, that’s for sure. Not once did it occur to her that what she was doing was wrong. A highly diverting read This slim novel tells the story of a beautiful young eighth-grade teacher who repeatedly statutorily rapes one of her students. I am attempting to re write a review for Tampa even though I finished it more than six weeks ago. Celeste is disappointed with the reunion and coerces him into sex by convincing him it will make him feel better.

She’s a less disciplined version of Amy from Gone Girl and I believe a large part of whether you enjoy Tampa hinges on what alissa nutting tampa felt about Gillian Flynn’s postfeminist take on the “evil woman”. Even though he feels at first that all of his fantasies have come true when his hot teacher starts to alissa nutting tampa him, Nutting shows the toll the abuse takes on him in subtle ways before the sensationalist ending.