So my question is this: One of the many perks of being a High Point customer is that you get access to our tech support team forever! It is good fun using it. You made the commitment to purchase, now you want that new item fast, we get it! Updating the object list is much easier, and it is possible to track unusual objects like the ISS, satellites and near-earth asteroids. Any help will be gratefully received!! We want to get you into the observing setup that bests fits your needs.

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Many thanks to all of you and for your replies, the information is very helpful astrofinder software I will be looking at installing the software suggested. As an alternative, Stellarium is highly regarded – there’s a free version for PCs, and a very low cost version for Android, Apple and Windows Smartphones – well worth having. Don’t worry, we’ll take the majority of our products back within 30 days of the purchase astroinder.

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Is it any good or would I be better off astrofinder software something else. So my question is this: The software is still available from some on-line shops, and I notice that Amazon is selling a copy. Sign In Sign Up. Any help will be gratefully received!! Ordered the wrong product? In my opinion these kinds of software are just another thing to set up, astrofinder software another thing to crash!


Messier and NGC objects are selected softwware typing in the number rather than scrolling, so that takes care of most objects with a few handset key presses. Recommended alternatives, if available, can be found in the “Accessories You’ll Need” section on the lower-left side of this page.

I astrofinder software appreciate any advice to help me decide. Unlimited Tech Support Forever: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Already have an account? Fast Shipping, Same or Next Day: Call or email us if you find a better price on a product!

If we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at or send us an emailand we will be happy to help you. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. These computer programs do favour ‘on the astrofinder software observing, and do give a good representation of what is available astrofinder software where. Sign in with Twitter. Has anybody got any experience of this software? I have both cartes du ciel and stellarium can one use it for that purpose?

We are astronomers at heart and truly enjoy helping fellow amateurs achieve success in the field! Stellarium certainly can, and the computer control works very well if you have the correct cables.


Meade ETX-70AT Accessory AstroFinder Software & Cable Kit – 04513

Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. I run Windows10 and Stellarium says it will not operate on this, so I’ve been looking at SkyORB for W10 and astrofinder software if anyone has tried this and if it is any good in comparison to Stellarium.

It provides a digital representation of the sky and the option to control the telescope from the computer. Does anyone know where I can obtain this or if there are any alternative software programmes available? Includes 9-Pin RS telescope connector cable, and software. I know I am needing the astrofinder software cable to connect the handset to the laptop luckily I have one these old but solid IBM thinkpad which has a serial port so no need for a USB adapter.

Hi allFirst post in this section after introducing myself astrofinder software the door.

Posted January 12, One of the many perks astrofindeg being a High Point customer is that you get access to our tech support team forever!