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Is it best to keep for its inevitable community day where you’d expect it to get Blastburn? Besides, Infernape is the only fire type Pkmn who is considered to be OU. Infernape is likely one of the best non-legendary fire types out there, but like all pokemon is outdone in a few select fields. May 30, 4. Solarbeam just can’t do it. Oof, hate to break it to you but Primeape is actually better than Infernape on the fighting front.

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Its fire never goes out. Azurilland was shut down on November 8th, Only luck can save Tyranitar, and luck is for losers. MitziFreakMay 30, They are all good. Arcanine’s movepool is not very good, and it relies on Flare Blitz to deal significant damage.

Infernape can set up with Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. The difference in base power exceeds the difference between the two pokemons’ Attack stats, meaning Infernape hits switch-ins harder with his Fighting STAB.

It’s worth consideration if you can mitigate passive damage but in comparison to its other moves it doesn’t appear to be particularly impressive. Mar 21, Messages: The downside is that once Infernape is in the range to take advantage of the boost it risks KOing itself with the damage from Life Orb or in the case of physical sets, the recoil damage from Flare Blitz.


Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Its lower Speed and Special Attack, along with its Stealth Rock weakness, means Infernape is more useful in the current metagame; Arcanine gets Flash Fire, but Heatran is allowed in Standard, so Arcanine really doesn’t get a chance to shine.

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It would take two Solarbeam’s to do so, and Tyranitar only needs to use either Stone Edge or Earthquake once, and Typhlosion is gone. Is Infernape in the region of what i have? Dugtrio, Weavile and Jolteon.

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Asked by Mouton 4 months 3 weeks ago. Instead of always having to pick the absolute ideal counter. Infernape in essence has lower offensive power than Blaziken, yet has a great deal more speed, and in a metagame where speed equals victory, this is pretty much a must that Infernape is ‘better’ than Blaziken.

Big Story Up At Noon: Still love it though. Tentacruel resists both Fire and Fighting as well and has a good Special Defence stat. Not someone who wants to go into battle with 6 Machamps, I like variation but obviously dont want to head into battle with a Primeape. Separate names with a comma. By then Blaziken will have gotten its CD, which might make it the best fire-type in the game by a fair margin and make Infernape’s CD fairly irrelevant.


Aqua Jet, the water typed Quick Attack, also hurts Infernape pretty badly.

You wouldn’t use fire against ground, but Earthquake is a decently common coverage move. Of all the sets this is the one with the most to gain from Life Orb, since Life Orb boosts both of its offences, but Expert Belt is a suitable replacement to conserve HP. I use an Azumarill in OU. If you were to run a mostly physical version of this set then you would probably go for mostly physical attack EVs, and likewise if you were to run a mostly special set then you would go for mostly special attack EVs.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Thunder Wave shuts it down completely as well, without its speed Infernape is pretty much a goner.

Infernape-The best Fire Starter ever

Taunt can stop the opponents non-offensive moves such as Roar and Haze but with such poor defensive stats most opponents wouldn’t bother trying to counter Infernape with non-offensive moves. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! It could also be considered an okay option to use against water types since many don’t resist it however its unreliable accuracy means Infernape will be treading a very fine line if it attempts to use it for that purpose.