If you have landed in this page straightaway, without knowing much about azhagi. Kindly check to see whether all series of characters are present. So, kindly consider the screenshots below as a general guidance only and not specific to every phone and Android OS. Arial Unicode MS or bilingual font e. Azhagi tamil typing software free download.

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Just keep it open. To set a hotkey back to it’s default value, please see this section. It is a public group. If your requirements are different, the steps are still the same, as below. And much much more But, I have still azhagi tamil fonts ‘SaiIndira’ separately for the convenience of people who do not know that SaiIndira is of ‘Tscii’ encoding.

Click the gear icon at the right side of the ticked ‘Azhagi’. How to type availing the file you created? The caps lock has no effect while you type.

1. Typing in Tamil (non-unicode) in MS-Word

azhagi tamil fonts If this has been already done, good. Thereafter, “for life”, you can enjoy typing in your preferred font. For further help, if any, kindly write in https: Setting up the languages and input methods If you are a regular user of various Indic IME input method editor apps, you would have selected the right languages and input methods during the 4-STEP setup process itself.


Apart from monolingual and bilingual fonts, there are multilingual fonts e. To know the procedure for effecting the same, kindly read this thread – https: The information thus provided by this tool will be useful either for you or any other user in a variety of ways.

Please help me for tamil typing in azhagi software.

Azhagi – Direct Tamil Transliteration/Typing in MS-Word

I will write about azhagi tamil fonts in detail later. However, to get your queries answered, kindly always post your queries in Azhagi Facebook Group only. But in excel, it is not working. For help on multilingual typing, fohts visit http: It can perform various transliterations either within its own interface, or in any version of Microsoft Word.

Azhagi Download (Free) –

Hence, I strongly recommend you to use these updated text files. For a better understanding, visit http: Untick ‘Use system language’ if it is ticked.

Unicode to Tscii conversion is also possible.


One other reason could be that you azhagi tamil fonts a senior citizen are not knowing how to press a combined key like “Alt3”. Extendable to Type in any Language any Font any Keyboard. That is all to it, as far as transliterating in ‘Ka’ font encoding is concerned. There are various other features which can be summarised as: Please note Regarding fonts developed by various “other entities”, out of goodwill, I have listed information about aznagi above.

Azhagi tamil typing software free download

Otherwise, whether any of such ‘other fonts’ is still free or not OR how any of such ‘other fonts’ exactly function OR whether the ‘other fonts’ function accurately or error-free, etc.

Sanskrit Characters You can type Sanskrit characters like ‘ja’, ‘sha’ ‘sri’ etc. Click on ‘Configure languages’. The best way to contact me is through Azhagi Facebook Group. With regard to version