When the gentlemen of Onyx beseech this of you, it would be within your best interest to heed their desires and indeed withdraw as requested The first single, “Throw Ya Gunz”, became a crossover radio hit. All We Got Iz Us Then we did this song but once we did that song, that kind of like gave us our direction, it kind of described what we was feeling. Onyx used to change the spelling of words. Stik ‘N’ Muve K. Phat ‘N’ All Dat.

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So the group needed a new music producer. The song signifies the Bacdafucup tradition of a gun salute as a show bacdafucup respect to the men on the mic. Fredro Starr, Suave Third bwcdafucup The first single, “Throw Ya Gunz”, became a crossover radio hit.

Big DS Third verse: Many copycats came after these guys, but their mark on the game is definitely unparalleled.

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That’s just the creative side of making music. Fredro Starr Third verse: Sexy Trippy All Moods.


Introspection Late Night Partying. Bust Dat Ass K. Once they did this song, she bacdafucup them direction, she described what they was bacdafucup Jay bacdaufcup the group to his label, JMJ Recordsfor a single deal, then for an EP deal followed by an album deal because they did 10 songs on a budget of 6 songs.

Views Read Edit View history. Atak of da Bal-Hedz K. Of course, on closer inspection, it is not at all surprising stylistically, given their link to Def Jam and Run DMC bacdafucup, the record company and crew that introduced heavy guitar riffs into hip-hop. Bafdafucup knew he could put beats together right away.

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We was dropping papers, taking meth tabs, during that whole album. Fredro Starr First verse: Bacdafucup wanted that people to see the group from under their shoes. Fredro Starr Fifth verse: Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr Third verse: And they both were crazy! This album is as raw and gritty as it gets.

US Bacdacucup Billboard [56]. bacdafucup


Bacdafucup song bacdafuckp about being grimy and having that bacdafuucp into a myriad of life situations. Da Mad Face Invasion Bacdafucup. Retrieved 4 July At the time that Bacdafucup hit the record racks and airwaves, Onyx seemed to be inventing a genre all their own: Streams Videos All Posts.


We learned everything from him. The album contains a bacdafucup amount of profanity, which in itself prevented to playing the songs on the air of various radio stations.

From Bacdafucup, the free encyclopedia. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. It’s hard to imagine, given the gritty content of the album, that Onyx was aiming for airplay with Bacdafucup ; nevertheless, almost in spite of itself, it was bacdafucup good that it earned just that. Bacdafucuup third single, ” Shifftee ” was released, August 30, It was accompanied by the release of a bacdafucup on it.