One is shown on the character page, while the other is shown on the frame data page. Make sure this is what you intended. With a successful guard cancel that leads into reliable okizeme and dangerous mixup, Baiken is a credible threat with huge potential for massive comebacks. If you are learning Baiken for the first time, please refer to the Baiken Handbook. Good throw OS choice in the air. Baiken’s fastest normal, and hits both standing and crouching characters alike.

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This seal will prevent the opponent from dashingback dashing and jumping. Leads into good damage on hit anywhere on screen. Since it is possible to superjump over opponents after rokkonsogi and get a safejump mixup, Suzuran mawarikomi in this capacity is only good for when you have meter to spare for tatami yrc on okizeme, or when the spacing is too awkward for a superjump mixup. Has a hurtbox extension along the blade that only appears once it goes active, so it will tend to trade.

Huge hitbox, and can be used to catch airborne opponents. She is modeled on a mixture of Himura Kenshin and the traditional Japanese Samurai. Links into 5K and all faster normals on grounded normal hit. Kuchinashi usually gives knockdown, but if used against opponents too high in the air in long combos, will allow them to tech. Youzansen makes for a terrifyingly fast overhead when tiger kneed, with the fastest possible TK youzansen being a 9F overhead that can come out of any jump cancellable normal as well as after positive-on-block moves, or even as a hard callout against low-mashing opponents.


Low minimum damage makes it not very good for pushing damage, but Sanzu always gives knockdown. Fairly standard anti-air with good low profile properties. A decent choice to terminate pressure with. Azami is the new chassis for Baiken’s trademark guard cancel mechanic.

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It is negative on block and quite punishable on instant block. The rejection effect is still useful in certain matchups and situations. Large, abusive disjointed hitbox makes this a good jump in option.


Yozansen S in midair: Extends Baiken’s hurtbox along the baikn before it becomes active. A command dash with full upper body guardpoint for most of its duration, Suzuran allows Baiken to use Azami followups in neutral and combos. Tweet Remove Format Clean. During this story Baiken continues her search for “That Man”, unleashing her thirst for revenge on any Gear that crosses her path.

D are used in some j. Disable this feature for this session. Suzuran Rokkonsogi also launches on counter hit for huge damage, and it trades abusively which makes it a pretty good move for flailing with. Tsurane doesn’t do any one thing exceptionally well but it is exceptionally high-utility and competently fills a lot more roles than most characters’ supers.


The hit itself does decent damage and can be used to end combos where you would not have gotten a knockdown anyway.

GGXRD-R2/Baiken – Dustloop Wiki

Sakura S during block: Guilty Gear X Story Although she featured as a hidden boss character in prior iterations of the game, Baiken never had her own story until Guilty Gear X. Azami Mawarikomi interacts interestingly with Azami’s hitstop properties, in that if activated immediately on a strike the invulnerability frames of Mawarikomi will effectively be wasted in hitstop, when Baiken was not in danger of being hit anyway.

It Links into baikem, 2K or 5K and slower bakken if it connects later into active frames and if used as a combo extender, gives fairly reliable corner carry in midscreen combos.

Since her 6H rarely catches jumps and is punishable if preemptively neutral jumped, it is fairly important to option select baikne throw with one of her other buttons. Retains its momentum stalling properties if YRC’d, so j. On normal hit it knocks down and on counter hit it launches the opponent and leads into highly damaging combos midscreen or in the corner.

That said, you don’t get conversions from abiken unless it hits deeper into active frames, counterhits, or you special cancel, so this should not be your only okizeme option because you might land a normal hit and not confirm into damage.