Chimaira really are one of the better new metal acts expecially in the United States and if they continue down the road they are going – possibly in metal history. All lyrics written by Mark Hunter. This is surprising as it is their base sound. There is definitely a more noticable presence of hardcore vibes in this album, which is especially evident in the riff section. Wacke , June 30th, Written based on this version: You get the usual angry demeanor and stomping rhythms normal to this kind of stuff.

chimaira resurrection

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The album is also listed on Metal Storm ‘s top metalcore albums. So, when they came out with another album, I figured it’s worth a look, and luckily, it has been. In fact, with rare exceptions, I am firmly of the opinion that America dropped the ball and hard for metal long ago.

chimaira resurrection

You get a heavy riff with not much in the way of energy, and then you just end up hearing the same stuff for five minutes. This is above all an emotionally brutal album that really takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the dark side of the human psyche.

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The opening riff of “Black Heart” is very catchy. The lyrics themselves are a little more thought out as well. Chimaira’s first album with Ferret Music since leaving Roadrunner RecordsResurrection features drummer Andols Chimqira who rejoined the group.


Instead of a monotone screaming delivery, there is quite a variety in the vocals.

An album cooked up in the rehearsal room with no pretenses beyond “making the heaviest music possible,” like when the band began back in Resurrsction more into death myself, but this album gets a lot of replaying, and there is no need to look far to wonder why – this album is Chimaira’s best yet. Look at “End it all” for instance, cool riffs, bad lyrics, and unnecessary spoken sections.

Resurrection was the band’s fourth full-length studio release and a kind of “rebirth” for the band, just like the album title suggests. Learn more about Amazon Prime. There are no lofty expectations, which ironically, further ensures that the sky is the limit. Withoutabox Resurrectoon to Film Festivals.

Track Listings

Well I’ll be damned, this is actually pretty good. What seems to have happened now is that Chimaira have left rather a hole in that field, since they always played faster, more technically, and with less metalcore cliche than resurgection contemporaries, plus their evolution was more interesting and varied than many – myself included – gave them credit for.

Showing of 46 reviews. The problem is that everyone is mostly passable, rather than good, and even the ever-present Mark Hunter doesn’t possess enough different styles to keep me interested for too long.

chimaira resurrection

What a good album does. I think every fan and non-fan has generous words for the title track, but there are several songs here that make the album more than the mere cihmaira of its uneven parts.


Chimaira – Resurrection – Music

It makes the album something really special. His performance here exceeds anything he did on his previous two showings. The Impossibility Of Reason Ex. I do believe there is hope for modern American metal, and its name is Chimaira.

These are all solid songs, but they have precisely zero remarkable features. Your Amazon Music account is resurrectoin associated with a different marketplace. There really are a lot of adrenaline-pumping riffs on here that are only accented further by the rage-filled vocals.

Please try again later. Resurrection is a great record that paved new ways for Chimaira.

I was expecing something like Bullet For My Valentine chimaifa on previews. Chimaira are determined to make me pull my hair out with frustration.

This is gonna put Chimaira over the top.

CD Review: Chimaira – Resurrection

What the hell is wrong with this band? Resurrection basically continues the super savage and brutish style from Chimaira the album without much in the way of change. The ceiling is gone.