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Featured: Crafting for The Not So Crafty


When it comes to making and creating, I have to admit that I’m not very good at it. I’m a person who loathes making mess, usually because I’m the one who has to clear it up and so messy play in this house is usually kept for a time of the day where my beloved other half is around to supervise. More often than not I feign the excuse of needing to work, or popping to the shops but it would be nice, just once, to sit down and get my teeth stuck in to something that I can make with my own hands.

A short trip into town this morning gave me the push that I needed in order to think, “Hey, I can do that – why am I not doing that?!” Through my rain-spotted window, I looked on at a wool and beading shop, all cosy and inviting. Within that shop, around a scrubbed wooden table, a group of women sat smiling and conversing as they wove their strands of yarn into socks and scarves and ample woolly jumpers. I wanted to leap from my seat in the car and join them, with my mediocre crocheting skills and a bag full of raggedy yarn, such was my delight in that brief, wholesome image.

The only thing that stopped me was my need to get my eldest to the hospital for a check up, however now that I’m home and have had time to mull it over, the answer seems so obvious that I’m surprised it didn’t hit me right between the eyes! I need to start searching for places that teach Arts and Crafts in Devon – somewhere that won’t mind me being a self-taught newbie, who really doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Seriously, take a look at the image below. I made those granny squares last year and have only just decided what to do with them. Being able to learn from those who are far wiser and more experienced than my meagre self, would do me the world of good and get me out of the house for a few hours.


Alternatively I could go down a different route and look for some online Arts and Crafts courses. There must be a wealth of people out there with knowledge that they’re willing to share and the beauty of studying online – from my own personal experience – is that you can fit it around your normal routines. I mean, there must be someone, somewhere who could teach an old dog new tricks?

Whichever one I decide to choose, hopefully I’ll be able to learn something new – something I can pass on to my children and perhaps it may just help me to get over my phobia of mess.

And if you were wondering what I did with those granny squares, I turned them into cushion covers! So I’m not that bad at the whole crafty thing, but could sure do with some guidance.


What would you choose, if you were given the option of starting a new craft? While I love crochet, I’d love to learn how to knit too. What about you?

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Stacey's a Social Media Community Manager by day and a self-confessed Geek by night. With boy/girl twins and an older son, she's got mum hacks coming out of her ears. Likes: overpopulated book shelves and shiny things. Dislikes: wearing socks.


  1. “I mean, there must be someone, somewhere who could teach an old dog new tricks?”

    If you’re an old dog then I’m ancient.

    I do envy my knitting friends. To my eyes it appears they just wave the needles about and magically clothing appears hanging from them. I can guarantee that knitters are friendly and very willing to teach you how. There’s bound to be a “knit and natter” gang in Devon. Bound to be.

    I would also fully support any yarn bombing activities.

    • Seriously Britt I *feel* like I’m ancient. Exhausted is not the word!

      What is this yarn bombing you speak of? Is that where people randomly adorn lampposts and railings with pretty knitted/crocheted stuff? That sounds pretty awesome to me. Perhaps I should just randomly start doing it myself. The Ninja Yarn Bomber sounds like a great title to go by.

      I think I’ll pop into that shop though at some point. I didn’t even know it existed but at least I know where to get my yarn from now!

  2. I’m firmly in camp crochet. I love it, and find it relaxing and cosy in front of the TV of an evening. I can knit, but not well, and it’s not so easy to unpick if it all goes the way of the pear.

    • I have to agree with you there. Just can’t get on with knitting, no matter how many times I try and can spend hours like you, in front of the TV, with a cuppa and a bag of yarn.

  3. I would love to be good at crafts… I would love to be one of those people who ENJOYS doing crafts… it is just not for me. I’m happy having a go at doing one for an hour or so but am totally in the ‘like the idea of crafts’ more…

    • I definitely get what you mean. Crochet seems to be enough for me and then I tend to take long breaks from it now and then. Aside from that it’s just not in me to give my attention to other crafts. Not to mention the time it takes up, which I seem to have a huge lack of right now!

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