Dartmoor: A South Devon Romantic Retreat

Dartmoor A South Devon Romantic Retreat

Dartmoor – a wild moorland of rolling hills, statuesque Tors and pure, inspirational countryside. I’ve grown up around moorlands, having lived on the edge of Exmoor as a child and yet Dartmoor is something more to me. There’s something exhilarating about the feel of the moorland wind, whipping at your tangled hair. In a thunderstorm the air is electric and charged and all around, nature seems to come to life with a super-charged enthusiasm.

dartmoor pony

It’s also a place of evening strolls among the wild grasses – a romantic place where you can look far, far into the distance and see the delicate twinkle of lights as they’re switched on one by one. Squint hard enough and you’re transported back in time and those electric bulbs are flickering candles, keeping the dark and unknown at bay.


Once we sat, my partner and I, upon the precipice of a Dartmoor Tor – climbed its rocky face and sat, hand-in-hand and side-by-side, eyes upon the horizon and watched. No words. That moment of looking upon the setting of a blushing sun, that perfect moment of witnessing day seamlessly turn to night with all her molten glory, needed no words and yet I couldn’t resist capturing the moment.

Departing Lovers.

The evening swelled -
a sun-kissed sky
of golden hues and clouds,
blithely sweeping
through purpled pinks
and blooming blues.
Sounds of sunset
whispering against skin
and watery eyes,
daringly drawn
to a sinking and
smouldering sight.

Yearning we watched -
our shaded glass
a burnished barricade
between here and there.
Wind whistled, such wildness,
warmth abandoned -
too cold and clammy.
Tangled and tussled
surrendering lovers left
through backwards glances,
caught glimpses
of a departing day.

Even now with cold of winter tearing through the night, I remember that day with a warmth no fire could create. It’s a warmth that only the sharing of a single, perfect moment with someone you love can bring. As the storm rages in the streets of this Devonshire town, I don’t quake or shudder or fear that tempest, but welcome the memories it draws forth – a memory of romance, of love and of the care-free youth we all hold within us.

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