Log in to watch more. They made those on a whim, and there was no standardization. This blog is published every Monday through Friday. J, Contact this man: Anonymous, is that the NRA Centennial edition?

deezy daisy

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Bio – The Dead Daisies

It is designed to shoot 0. I forgot about the Benjamin I added it to my list of repair stations. You can take the gun apart and daisu the trigger mechanism inside the sheetmetal receiver, but unless you are daidy mechanical genius, you are not going to know how to fix it. Compare it to the Red Ryder I am now blogging. Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address.

deezy daisy

John Steed is steed1 mindspring. Oh yes, my wife will be shooting too. Automatically share your activity on Facebook.

Deezy Daisy (Oxford Remix)

I have gotten past the point of spring compression and inserting the retaining pin. That is a possibility with your No. It is in pristine as new condition with the engraving scene on it.

It has an adjustable rear sight for elevation and an adjustable front sight for windage. Do you know anythinig about this rifle? Thanks for the quick response, Clumsome. The rifle has the patent pending words, fixed front sights, long pull pump with six grooves, straight stock, blued barrel, and the pump rod is held on by a clamp. That happened just beforeif my sources are rifght. Look on Auction Arms and Gunbroker. It is brand new — never been out of the box or put together.


Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oxford Remix) playlists

When the long stroke came oput, the stort stroke ended. The plans and tools for Diana airguns were war reparations to England from Germany. I’d suggest that your best bet would be to make sure the gun is up to where it should be, and if you need something more powerful — well, get something more powerful.

The L shaped spring in the trigger mechanism fell daisyy, I have it, can you direct me to a drawing of how to reinstall? On some assemblies the air tube wants to stick off at an angle. This was the last No. Greg, Try the Daisy Talk forum on the Daisy website go to the museum. Also,please tell me how to lubricate the pump cup.

I scoped a new Marlin Cowboy and it pops too. Is there a documented or published source available that will help pinpoint the age of the gun? I am not up on them.

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To live, to listen, to learn. Can somone help me to re-assemble the trigger mechanism on a Daisy 25…looking for perhaps a diagram…somthing thats easy to follow. The article you have posted your question on is over 4 years old. Hi All, I just found my Daisy 25 Air Riffle during a move and daizy appears to be in good shape but the inner spring is not functioning.

deezy daisy

Hi, BB, Great column! I tried to get more info from Crosman, but was told there was an unrepairable safety issue with the s, so all parts and even edezy literature was destroyed in Can I use these?