Enemies of Duskers infestations. Japan bans game key re-sales and bafflingly save data editors. But dangerous creatures lurk in these derelict ships, and weapons are rare, so you may need to think of a clever way to explore a military outpost using only a motion sensor and a lure. Image 1 of 7 Drop a lure in Room 10, open the far doors, and see if something bites. But so is the upgrade on one of your drones that lets you detect motion. Subscribe to hear about more deals!


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Cart 0 item s Shopping Duskera. Disabled drones and ship upgrades must be towed through dusksrs airlock to be retrieved. Jump to comments A curated bundle of games sent to your inbox every month. The drone I was using to power the doors poor Alec was attacked. We recommend By Zergnet. Pay What You Want Adventures, sourcebooks, maps, decks, and more! My console informs me that my second drone, which is powering a generator, is being damaged by another something that has crept through an open air vent and spread across the room.


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Pay What You Want Science! Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. What you see is how each drone sees the world. Image 6 of 7 Powered doors are green. Sagebrush is a fascinating exploration of an abandoned cult Cult Following 3. Adventures, sourcebooks, maps, decks, and more!

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This last one is very important. The core gameplay revolves around navigating around these hazards, or dusksrs the case of enemies, luring them into other rooms, or otherwise leveraging the abilities of the drones to gain access to salvage as much as possible.

This guide will help you understand the infestation types of the indie game, Duskers.

This strategy video game —related article is a stub. You have to work hard to keep your drones in good shape. Many drones were blasted. Blazing Chrome is the Contra successor we need right now 6. One time, John, my point-bot, was killed by some kind of… swarm — all because I forgot to turn his shiny new turret on. But Duskers goes out of its way to make things simple. Plus, your purchase will support Hilarity for Charity!



The gather module will allow a drone to harvest scrap and fuel, the generator module can supply power to doors, and so on. Is duskeers game draggin’?

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This is what real survival horror plays like. Subscribe to hear about more deals! Djskers the way it all looks. Final Update pre Launch! A red square marks an enemy.


In Duskersplayers assume the role of a drone operator, hopping between derelict ships to salvage scrap metal, which can be used to repair and upgrade drones and components; Fuel, which is required to move between ships; Other drones which can be recovered or looted for upgrades and so on. Something is chewing through a door on the derelict space station Volgograd.