I got sucked into this book and couldn’t stop reading it. In his particular book, Gemma, Harper, Marcy, along with some other friends are trying to figure out how I am not that good at reviews.. Trivia About Elegy Watersong, So overall, I liked this book and series. It all comes full-circle, and it ends just perfectly. With Penn’s impending threats and a ticking clock, she needs to crack the case.

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Spoiler Alert 1 16 Mar 15, Now, let me just say that I’m totally aware of amanca “slut shaming” is. My library only has this book and I was pretty excited about it and only after I came to look at it on Goodreads did I see that it was part of a series.

Seriously, every freaking person in this story got a perfect ending. I mean, if you’re trying to surviveit’s best to blend in. Xmanda don’t know how but the series only got worse with each book.

Watersong Series | World of Amanda Hocking

I still much prefer Daniel and Harper as a couple as compared to Gemma and Alex. She was still hunched over and looked up at Liv. While I rolled my eyes at it in the third book, in Elegy it all just wanted to make be barf. Sep 17, Steffanie Tucker rated it liked it.

Now that Gemma holds the key to elegy amanda hocking the siren curse, the stakes have never been higher. Dec 18, Isabella Diaz rated it really liked it.



I was finally able to connect to the characters because Hocking finally gave the love stories detail and depth. I was worried the series she has spent thr This review contains spoilers for the first three novels in the Watering series! Elegy amanda hocking a side note, wow that was a weird way to write a review.

I really loved his character throughout the first three books, but honestly, it felt like he lost some of his magic and charm in this one. Apr 05, doctor rated it it was ok Shelves: Penn is more determined than ever to have Daniel for her own and to destroy Gemma and Harper along the way, and Penn always gets what she wants.

Everybody ended up with someone. I’m thinking of you as she’s straddling me, really.

The books Best book out of the series, despite the predictable end. There was definitely a vulnerability about Thea and when she gave us a glimpse into her past, of losing her sisters and someone she loved, we could understand why.

Elegy amanda hocking fact I would have liked the story x better if that’s what had happened.

Elegy (Watersong, #4) by Amanda Hocking

Yes, please send me e-mail updates about The World of Amanda Elegy amanda hocking and other information from Macmillan and its partners. I’m not even gonna tell you that a manipulate bitch of a siren has her claws into me and is using me because then you’ll just make me stop listening to her and put myself at risk.


Elegy – Excerpt ONE Threatening Harper had been rehearsing what she wanted to say to her roommate Liv all morning, but when Liv threw her against the wall of their dorm room, Harper knew she was in trouble.

Elegy amanda hocking ben meer van de verschillende karakters gaan houden door de boeken heen, maar ik had meer diepgang verwacht, meer achtergrondinformatie. To keep it short ha! She still had her back to Liv as she was throwing everything off the desk, but she heard movement behind her, then a creaking bed. The pacing in this last book is perfect.

I’ll give the sirens some credit But I was wondering if elgy could keep it down when you come in at night. It’s like all of this crazy life-threatening elegy amanda hocking stuff happened and then everyone said “Gee, what a crazy summer, huh?

To me, she finally stopped being a whiny, boring, flat character. But by the end, I hated them all.