Facebook: It’s Not Me, It’s You.


The Easter weekend has been a time of revelation for me. I’ve tried to steer clear of technology, put down the gadgets and focus on the things in my life that really matter – where I’m going with my work, my relationships with my children, my partner and the jobs in our house that have been put off for the last two years while we adjusted to a family of five.

I’ve discovered that I spend far too much time online – something we all probably do too much of – and I’ve also noticed that I waste so much of that precious time on activities that have hardly any benefit to me and my interests in the long run.

One of those things is Facebook. Not the Facebook that has a small collection of friends and family – that one I’ll continue to hold on to. I mean the Facebook Page dedicated to this blog. The likes on that page are slowly trickling away into the ether. The reach of it is dismal and the engagement non existent. It’s a pointless piece of webspace that just isn’t working for Five’s A Fellowship and I think I know the reason why. My readers – you, the person reading this now – are elsewhere. You hang out at different haunts whether it’s Twitter, Google or in an RSS Feed. Facebook doesn’t seem to do it for you or me and that’s okay.

It’s good that I know this. It means that I can get rid of the page, tick it off my to-do list and put the time I’ve gained back into something more worthwhile. Perhaps more time with my kids, more time to work or simply just more time to think.

[Tweet "It's one less bunch of pixels, eating away at my sanity."]

So I’m sorry Facebook. It’s not me, it’s you. You just don’t do it for me anymore. This will be the last time I update you but I’m sure you won’t miss me.

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Stacey's a Social Media Community Manager by day and a self-confessed Geek by night. With boy/girl twins and an older son, she's got mum hacks coming out of her ears. Likes: overpopulated book shelves and shiny things. Dislikes: wearing socks.


  1. I can completely understand this. I literally use my FB blog page to post blog posts to automatically and instagram photos get published there too, other than that I don’t update it but I do get a fair bit of traffic from just doing automatic updates x

    • Thanks Donna – my reasoning is I just don’t have the time any more for it and seem to get more and more of my traffic via search engines, twitter and pinterest – it’s a no brainer really!

  2. Facebook sucks bum for pages of late, dire, you;d think with G+ on the rise that FB would have re-thought how they work the pages but alas nope. Don’t blame you x

    • It does indeed! G+ is so much better not only for the SEO benefits but for actually getting a conversation going. It doesn’t feel like I’m talking to myself over there! I think to make Facebook Pages really work, you would have to dedicate a lot of time (and some money) to really target the right audience – once you have that user base it does start to work but for blogs that have varied topics and no real niche, it just doesn’t seem to work.

  3. Harha, I absolutely bloody love that quote! We all have to figure out which of the pixels in our life that are giving us energy or taking away energy… I have moved much more away from Twitter and onto Instagram- they are pixels worth having! xx

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