For instance, we licensed Transmit useful and didn’t license Coda nice solution for some people perhaps, but we were satisfied with our old workflow. Your choice of server-side language shouldn’t have any bearing on this, since it’s a client-side solution. As soon as I request Opera compatibility, there it is. I’m glad I waited. Does anybody know whether it would be possible to add a slight darkened background like a traditional javascipt lightbox behind the popup? That mullet picture is truly epic. Hey, Works great on firefox, but with IE7 it’s really slow.

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I hope i will help.

Minimalist jQuery Image Viewer Plugin – Fancy Zoom | Free jQuery Plugins

Fancjzoom been waiting for this for a long time! In short, paying for something visual should entail some exclusivity – people’s eyeballs don’t care if a site is commercial or not. Actually, I only deleted one post here and its reply — a funny fsncyzoom super-off-topic troll regarding foreigners that would have caused instant collapse of these comments within milliseconds.

They certainly don’t have the TIME or patience fancyzoom jquery come back and pay every time they use a piece of code.

There is no shadow of any kind in IE7! Fancyzoom jquery free to e-mail me also if there’s mquery situation where this doesn’t work well. Easily the best script I’ve seen on the net, ever. If you click on all the images without closing them something happens in safari.



It might be pricey for some commercial websites that are running lean. Here are a few links from the plugin I used: First of all, this is totally awesome. How can I use this on a blogger hosted blog fancyzoom jquery. He gave you free alternative ideas! It conflicts with the Anarchy Media Player plugin for WordPress.

Opensource – AJAX – Jquery Fancyzoom

Jeff Powell Denver, CO. Yes, I’d say your blog is commercial — regardless of profitability.

Jjquery an aside, I don’t feel the effect’s value is being “special” or “exclusive” — the value is that it can make websites work better, and I want everyone to use it as widely as possible. Fancyzoom jquery bug I found: Follwed the instructions, uploaded the files, but So, it’s all good.

Totally love the slow-motion shift-click. Seems to work on Opera 9.

jQuery plugin : Fancy Zoom with Demo

Click on a thumbnail. Enjoy I hope you and your websites enjoy FancyZoom.

You bring up a great question. Cabel Maxfield Sasser Job: Realistically, the small fish won’t bother to license and, realistically, you’re not going to bother chasing them down. Other than that, this is a great image displayer. I initially was mystified what FancyZoom was about at all since looking at the page in fancyzoom jquery RSS feed which is fancyzoom jquery way I read lots of pages – I don’t bother going to the actual site, I just read fabcyzoom RSS feed with length set to maxclicking on an image just brought up that image in a new page like usual.


But dancyzoom first, i will fix horrible look in IE6 – there’s the problem with opacity of. As I said, your approach makes a lot of sense from fancyzom policing perspective, not so much from a sales perspective – you will sell tons and tons of famcyzoom, but sadly the smaller designers, who work on a higher volume of lower value sites, are either left out or will feel somewhat justified in simply pirating fancyzoom jquery work.

The image zooms but the title oval and close box are gone Dear Cabel, this is a very great solution for webdesigners! It doesn’t even really matter that much. No doubt about that.