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Five’s A Fellowship – What Do YOU Want To Read?

what do you want to readFive’s A Fellowship has gone under many transformations recently. Part of this constant changing in design, theme, colours and logos is that I’m trying to find something that really reflects me, my family, my life as a parent and my inner geek. Now, it seems that this look here is the one that I’m settling on. Great! Huzzah! The problem is I’m aware that my content is a bit all over the place and really I’d like this to change.

My aim is to narrow down my blog content into a few categories, enabling me to write quality content that I enjoy writing and that you enjoy reading. It is a two-way system after all. To do this, I’d really like to know what you guys like reading here.

If you could take about 5 minutes to fill out the survey below, I will be eternally grateful. I tried to keep it brief and to-the-point as I know restricted everyone is on time, but there is the option to add your thoughts at the end if you think I may have missed anything out!

Thank you so much for filling the survey out (if you managed to get round to it)! I really do appreciate it and hopefully, once I’ve looked at the answers, I can update you all with what my plans are going to be!

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