South Korean and entertainment, nowadays this two are very closely related. Well, that kind of thinking should be shaved. I love looking the pictures. People should not just see negative side of a phenomenon, but they should also look at the positive sides of it. This way, many people would be encouraged to take part in celebrating the Liberation day. His dance is great and unique. In these cases of a planned purpose for the social activity in question, the term smart mobs is often applied instead.

flash mob gangnam style di bundaran hi

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In my opinion, that’s a unique activity.


For some people, Kpop music video usually looks weird and strange at first, but some of them actually contain many information. They even used the song “Gentleman” by PSY which is originally from South Korea, these kind of things would encourage the people’s sense flah nationality. Hejin 21 September at I love looking the pictures. This Kpop phenomenon becomes a trend in Indonesia.

I believe that Liberation Day is where a country seperates itself from the hands of another country. We did the flash mob together, people were entertained when they see us, and we successfully promoted our event. GosuBets, patches, interviews, features, events and coverages of the gaming scene. Cleossa Lydwina 3 January at Whoever moob the “kerupuk” first, wins.


Ultimate shared a post. In contrast, Indonesian people aren’t as enthusiastic as the Koreans when it comes to celebrating their independence day. I think it’s gangnnam nice to see the Korean people having a flash mob to celebrate their Liberation Day. I have read some articles related to South Korea nationalism which is I have to say that it is very impressive.

Flashmob Indonesia – Emporium Pluit Mall Jakarta Indonesia

Flash mob is an activity that takes a lot of people to dance with the same movement. They were dancing with them holding two small flags and wearing a tee that had the South Korean flag print on it.

As stated by Rizki Eliani, the owner of necshopkpop, one of successful Kpop shops in Indonesia.

flash mob gangnam style di bundaran hi

Tema pelajaran yg bisa di pilih:. Many people don’t appreciate Independent day in Indonesia because they feel that it will give no effects even stjle they don’t participate in festivals in Independent day.

flash mob gangnam style di bundaran hi

Not only K-POP, the tradional culture is also being spread worldwide through drama and film. But, if we do it next year, bunddaran will be so much fun. The idea of doing flash mob on liberation day is great. Check out the group playing order and the team’s roster inside!

Flashmob Indonesia – Emporium Pluit Mall Jakarta Indonesia – video dailymotion

vi So I think Korean people have given us a great idea of how to celebrate your independence bundarqn that is fun bunraran watch and to do for all ages.


And they buundaran show to the world that Korea not only famous with the boybands and girlbands or with their romantical drama. God created human differ from one another. I think it will be so hilarious if the real Psy were joining this Flash mob. By doing things unique or classic about the country it can encourage you to care more. Ultimate shared a link. People should not just see negative side of a phenomenon, but they should also look at the positive sides of it. Infact, Korean music and pop stars are so popular, K-pop is a highly commercial industry throughout the world.

Was anybody surprised by the “event”? We had a lot of fun in doing the flashmob and we are so proud of ourselves that we did it! I am not surprised by the article because in my opinion, South Korea people are like to dance and sing. But in contrast to this I think of this trends keep on going on their real culture, values, etc.