Google Maps seems not hibernating. Greenifying an app implies that you are aware that all the background functionality service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, widget update, push message of this app will become out of service during the hibernation except when you are using this app. Xposed framework is a new hope to do finer grained tiny patches in a ROM-independent way. Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in a unique way! Refund requested in Google Wallet within 3 days is guaranteed.

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Thanks to Xposed framework, you can enjoy these experimental features of Greenify without replacing your ROM. Speed up Your Phone. Download and install Xposed installer: We use cookies to offer you a great app store!

You can decide whether to cut-off the wake-up path to avoid further wake-ups.

It is designed and implemented in extremely lightweight, with an average RAM footprint less than 5M, and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption. Share this App via. These features can be enabled in settings of Greenify.

Greenify (Donation Package)

greenify donation apk It will be removed automatically once its mission is accomplished. Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and greenivy the battery, in a unique way! If something bad happens, degreenify the system apps you recently greenified and reboot, or deactivate this experimental features of Greenify and reboot.


It is safe to purchase and install, since nothing is affected before any of the experimental features is enabled explicitly. By saving up the battery power and processing speed, your Android device will start running smoothly as if it were a new handset. Google has fixed the bug in v Greenify donation apk, most system apps are critical to the basic functionality of your device, once greenified, you may lose donstion part of usability.

Greenify Donation Apk Free Download For Android – AndroidEbook

See More Tools Apps. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. Google Maps seems not hibernating. Devices with 2G or less memory are treated specially in App Analyzer with more suggestions. C2DM broadcast to wake the hibernated apps, thus you can greenify some apps without losing the ability to receive push message. By browsing the site you are accepting it, so find more about it here. Direct Download Download this app to your desktop. Just need to follow these bunch of instructions below to make it work within next minutes.


Eligible for Family Library. Greenify donation apk is an Android package kit that deactivates those apps that you are not currently working with. User ratings for Greenify Donation Package 4. In rarely extreme case, you might need to factory reset your device to recover.

Read and write emails in any place at any gdeenify. For your safety, please do a NANDroid backup before activating these features. Abs Workout Daily Fitness 4. These features may crash your apps, brick your phone, or even wipe your data greenify donation apk the extreme cases. Downloading Android greenify is not a difficult deal. There is a critical bug in Google Play Greenify donation apk v Please do verify the impact of greenified apps on which you heavily rely. Before greenlfy download greenify apkmake sure you have Android 3.