He became more psychedelic and those tracks are not all dance-tracks!! Login Create a Profile. Then “Snakey Shaker” hits you with groovy bass and twisting acid – this tune is one of it’s kind. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 26, Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Another very good album from Simon I like it less than Twisted, but it’s.

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I salute you Simon! Posted February 1, Register a new account. Posted August 8, Login Create a Profile. Posted February 8, Is the best album of the 97’s goa or psy album’s, Simon really knew what he was doing and he did it well, the effect’s in Deranger are out space, 9. Every track is excellent! A shame then that Lone Deranger as a whole doesn’t get any more evil than this; I wish it would. Hallucinogen the lone deranger of new sounds with a very original concept.

Hallucinogen – The Lone Deranger. Twisted wasn’t as sophisticated as this album and that makes this one better. It’s very close; both albums are fantastic, and no unsane man should be without either. Simon posford’s best goa project. Posted April dedanger, Tribal drums in background and that psychedelic melody with acid swirls behind it. And you’re wrong – heaven begins right after the melody, when an acid?


Posted March 14, True artists changes in theirs musics, it’s evolution I still listen to Twisted; I don’t even know where I’ve filed this one. Then “Snakey Shaker” hits you with groovy bass and twisting acid – hallucinogen the lone deranger tune is one of it’s kind.

One of my favorites. After hearing “Trancespotter”, “Deranger” and “Jiggle thf The Sphinx” I had a very big expectations about this CD and it didn’t disapointed me – I was hoping for high-quality psy-trance and Simon Posford delivered what I wanted!

This one has it’s moments of bliss second half of the track, after “water” hallucinogen the lone deranger, but I prefer the first part. Hallucinogen’s new style is amazing How does he manage to create these sounds!?

It manages to be an enjoyable listen, and is certainly worth checking out. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Hallucinogen – The Lone Deranger from Twisted Records on Psyshop (CD)

Nine Inch Nails The Slip. Tancespotter is another good example.


Not bad, but nowhere near as mind-buggering as Twisted. It is also more mature than feranger, sort of like “Magical Mystery Tour” compared to “Yellow Submarine” and I’m not sure if this is a really good comparison, but please bear with me.

Hallucinogen – The Lone Deranger- The album that puts the PSY into psy-trance

Another very good album from Simon I like it less than Twisted, but it’s still very good. Posted February 9, Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. With ‘s ‘Twisted’, he had established himself as a very talented man with the ability to layer different sounds and beats into very potent patterns of elegant, intense electronic music.

All in all, ‘The Lone Deranger’ may be considered a rather hit and miss album.