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Infographic: The World of Sandcastles and Sand Sculptures

Now even though I turn into a complete nutter in the hot weather and can barely move without breaking into a sweat, I am still a fan of the odd trip to the beach. Failing that I love a good delve into the sandpit with the kids, to see what kind of sand-based architecture we can build beneath the blazing summer sun.Since I’m also a resident of sunny old Devon, it would also be quite remiss of me to overlook a rather splendid competition which is just up the road from me, so do allow me to stop gabbling on and “get on with it”, as the folks from Monty Python would say.

Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks in North Devon, obviously love building sandcastles too and so have created this fun infographic, filled with tips, facts and photos from all over the world, to tantalise your sandcastle building senses.


It doesn’t stop there my dears. Along with the infographic, they are hosting a competition to win a holiday at one of their four holiday parks, for up to six people! Blimey! Wouldn’t that be nice in this¬†vile¬†lovely hot weather? All you have to do, to be in the running for the prize, is to take a photo or video of your sandcastle or sculpture, and email it to the address on the infographic. Simples!

You’re still here? What are you waiting for? Go grab your camera, dive into your sandpit and get building!

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