The suite of addons Mumara provides can only be used with Mumara itself, and not with any other email marketing application. Not as much as Maborak plugins but it is not free. Multiple Users and Multiple Domains Some other inquiries are about the user management and domain masking addon. Server Optimization Service We do your your server, cpanel and IEM optimization and after it your server will give you great performance. Outsource your server maintenance to the professionals. Most Powerfull and advanced backend tool to manage your email queue.

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Related Product and Services: All newly created user account will access the Mumara from the same server and installation domain. But what if you need more and want to extend its features.

So for you PMTA setup will be as easy as one, two three. Easily export emails opened, clicked emails, removed emails, campaigns, forms, interspire addons reports of your system through complete and custom filters. Easily integrate the leading email delivery solution into your existing infrastructure.

First, let’s interspire addons what do we want to achieve: Is there a better alternative? And yes, all above-mentioned features you get with Maborak plugins come by default.

You can take server form us and we will take care of your spam complaints. It can increase it by upto 50 times. Import Thousands of emails within Seconds.

Addons for Interspire Email Marketer (IEM)

We are closing this offer very soon so get it now! Interspire Advanced Backup Export Easily interspire addons emails opened, clicked emails, removed emails, campaigns, forms, and interspire addons of your system through complete and custom filters.


The confusion arises because some of the addons xddons similar names. We can addonz you IT division from the initial setup to the ordinary management and maintenance. Some other inquiries are about the user management and domain masking addon.

Advanced Backup Addon With this addon you can export all Interspire activity like email openers, clickers, unsubscribed users, Hard bounced emails, contact lists grouped by active and unsubscribed users. Most Powerfull and advanced interspire addons tool to manage your email queue.

Spam Words Suppression With this addon you can suppress words also in Interspire, if you put word noreply IEM will not send any emails with this word noreply.

Know precisely where your emails were opened, Country, Region, City, user statistics, email campaigns, export statistics by country, by region and city. Its easy and X faster to upload emails to your interspire.

Interspire Email Marketer Addons and WordPress Plugins

With this addon, you can create custom social sharing template to send it with your email campaign and get viral traffic by sending email campaign which are viral in nature. I found a new email marketing software that changed my life.

Currently when any of your subscriber is unsubscribing you, Interspire is showing a default unsusbribe page with a message of successful unsubscribe. A common problem amongst email marketers is that their emails are blocked due interspire addons content To fix it you will have to use Maborak spin addon and adxons your creativity and imagination. I have replaced all my Interspire installs with a new email marketing application that does not rely on plugins for extra features a power sender needs.


Well here is where Maborak plugins come really handy.

Good for IP Rep. Reissuing license automatically suspends the previous one, and you are good to use the product with new server and domain.

Through this software you can easily create unlimited cpanel accounts with dedicated IPs in your Cpanel and create ready to use PMTA config file in just one click. Like the interspire addons one. Mailing Server If you are fedup adsons to server termination, we are here to solve your problem.

Mumara Addons

If you are interspire addons due to server termination, we are here to solve your problem. Interspire Multi Thread Interspire multi thread addon creates multiple simultaneous connections to send emails so your emails will be sent at extremely high speed. Our Addons are of top quality and we gurantee that it will difinitly improve performance of your email campaign delivery rate.

In self-hosted or in-house email environments, combination of both the software inyerspire used interapire the best results.