Click Browse to locate your document. Is an iThenticate account holder charged a fee for document checking? Each manuscript newly submitted to the Copernicus Office Editor manuscript review system will be checked. However, your submissions may be archived by iParadigm. Please read the terms and conditions of the User Agreement very carefully.

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Can iThenticate be used plafiarism check a co-authored work? Who has access to the report and can it be shared among colleagues and collaborators? Who can use iThenticate? Where can I get more help Documentation and training materials are available on the iThenticate ithenticate plagiarism detection software You can re-apply for an account if required. Please note that the EULA is an agreement directly between the user and iParadigms, the company which licenses iThenticate, and does not involve the Libraries or the University.

Acceptable file types include: For help or additional information, please contact the Courseware Support Team at canvas pobox.

University of Manitoba – Research and International – iThenticate Frequently Asked Questions

Who might benefit from using iThenticate? Any matches will be highlighted in the document with links on the right to the corresponding content.

The Libraries have a separate licensing agreement that allows us to install and use the product. Additionally you can select the resources to run your documents against under “Limit search to these repositories. Please remember ithenticate plagiarism detection software change your password after logging in for the first time. Can University of Manitoba faculty use our iThenticate license to check manuscripts that they are reviewing?


Can a supervisor require a student to submit theses or dissertation chapters to iThenticate? What databases does iThenticate check against? You may choose to submit a substantially revised manuscript as a new submission. Once you have chosen your desired settings click Update Settings. How do I start to use ithenticate plagiarism detection software Click Add Another File if you wish to run more than one paper. What file types are recognized?

Each manuscript newly submitted to the Copernicus Office Editor manuscript review system will be checked. Can an undergraduate student request an iThenticate account?

In this area you can select to exlcude items in quote, bibliographic items, phrases and also exclud content based on a percentage or word count under “match size.

Is a document submitted to iThenticate retained by iParadigm and used in the iTheniticate comparison database? Can iThenticate be used ithenticate plagiarism detection software check student assignments? When finished click Submit. Choose one of 3. Also, please note that iParadigms will assume no responsibility for any unauthorized access to or alteration of plagiariem paper that you submit to the site.


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In this process, iThenticate provides us with a similarity report listing a the percentage of similarity resulting from counted words and b the markup of the various sections, expressions, or softtware which were found in other documents. An increasing percentage of scholarly journals is using iThenticate to check manuscripts submitted for publication.

The similarity report is also made available to referees. The first step is to request the creation of a personal iTheniticate account. You may share your reports via email, printout, or download or by giving another iThenticate user access to your folder.