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Saturday Is A Day For Kissing Captions

twins kissing captions #satcap

twins kissing captions #satcap

I’m keeping it brief today because this image really needs no explanation. Much of the time I seem to find myself keeping these two cherubs apart. However the other day I caught them doing this and had to take some snaps to look back on.

This was how I envisioned life with twins to be – a brother and a sister who looked after one another. Children who grow to be young adults with a deep sibling bond and this picture captures that, in one well-timed moment.

Naturally this picture of innocence didn’t last. Soon after they were back to pulling each other’s hair out, but I shall hold on to this one and remind them every now and then of how close they are.

Can you caption it? If you can, be sure to pop over to Mammasaurus’s linky and have a look at some of the other great photos on offer.

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  1. Cakesphotoslife (Angie) says

    Don’t expect me to do this in a years time

  2. ManAndBuggyBlog says

    “OK, bad news, I think he’s been eating marmite!”

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