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Let us tell you a story – Part 7

story telling

A while ago when I was slightly younger and a bit more creative (and with a bit more time on my hands), I used to take part in story crafting. I was a member of a small Yahoo Group who would each take it in turns to write a piece of a story, passing the baton on to the next member on the list to write their part, and so on. It made for great reading and an excellent way for practising the art of story telling. I guess in a way you could call it fan fiction, as our group expanded on the world that Anne Rice had created with her Vampire Chronicles.

Today I’m going to be doing something similar. A group of bloggers have got together to write a cooperative story, started by Tired Mummy of Two. Each day one of us will be writing a paragraph of an ongoing story, then linking to the next blog taking part. The aim is to create something wholly unique and to do what blogging is primarily all about – writing!

To read this story from the very beginning, head over to Tired Mummy of Two’s blog and then follow each link to the next part. Yesterday was Little Lilly Pad’s instalment and what an ending she left for me. So the story continues:

Her breath came heavy in her chest as she remembered the lean, muscular figure and stern, rugged face. It had definitely been Robert by that pond. There was no mistaking that straight-backed posture and the floor length trench coat that billowed eerily around his ankles.

Through habit she clutched at the locket that hung from her neck and raised it to her lips. It was a drink-fuelled illusion, a trick of the eye, nothing more. Robert was dead and there was no coming back from that. She needed to move on with her life instead of seeing ghosts round every corner.

With a sudden surge of new-found strength, Laura forced herself from beneath the covers and pulled on a fresh sweater, briefly luxuriating in it’s comforting warmth before padding into the kitchen.

“I owe you my gratitude” she said to the handsome apparition at her kitchen table. “It seems I got myself into quite a pickle last night. Is there any way in which I can thank you for coming to my rescue?”

“Well..” Tony replied, with a slight curl to his lips, “there is something I’d like you to do for me…”

I wonder what Tony wants. Is he really a stranger who happened to be in the right place at the right time, or does he have an ulterior motive? Head over to Mum of One tomorrow for the next chapter.

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