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UK Maternity Rights – Do You Know What Yours Are?

maternity rights UK infographic

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was in a position where I was struggling to find work. Being made redundant isn’t the best of places to find yourself in, just days before you find out you’re carrying an unborn child and so each day I would be at the jobcentre, online, scouring the newspapers and shop windows, desperately trying to find something to tide me over. In hindsight I shouldn’t have wasted all of that extra energy because one look at me, and prospective employers could tell that I had a bun in the oven, which meant no job for me.


Recently a survey was carried out by a group of solicitors on the subject of maternity rights at work, and

…1,000 working women who either have children or would consider having them in the future were asked about their experience and knowledge or maternity in the work place…

something which I’m sure a lot of you may have had experience of also.


The results of the survey were actually quite staggering and really put things into perspective for me. First of all was the number of women who had accepted a job while knowing that they were pregnant. 10.20% of those who took the survey said yes while 87.40% said no.  What’s more, a  mind blowing 46.08% of the women who said yes, also stated that their offer of employment was withdrawn or their employment terminated!


No wonder a large group of women said no to the first question. What would be the point of accepting a job, when you have a pretty good idea of the fact that the job won’t last, once your boss know’s you’re pregnant?


So how do we know what our maternity rights are?


Sometimes it’s a bit of a grey area and more often than not, we seek unreliable information from the internet, which isn’t always as accurate as it could be. So with that in mind, the survey has been organised into a really clear infographic, which covers the surveys findings and also gives us some information on what our maternity rights are here in the UK.


maternity rights UK infographic

Did the infographic help in any way? Hopefully it’s answered some of your questions – it’s certainly answered some of mine and although I won’t be having any more children any time soon, it is definitely food for thought and something that should be shared widely. Your maternity rights are important, make sure you have all of the facts and then use them!

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