News from UK is that Chameleone real names Joseph Mayanja is instead battling for custody of his daughter with ex-wife Dorotia. There has been no official word from Sylvia and or from her Mzungu boyfriend on the matter of a pregnancy but in regard to what I have witnessed there is no doubt she is. Skynews quoted Sudanese philanthropist John Dau, who will run the clinic: Posted by Raf at 1: I always recognise the sources of my stories.

mawoko na mawoko

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Danie Blezz 5, views.

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Chosen Beckyviews. They drove off leaving everybody in awe.

A source told Rafshizzle that after failing on a peaceful agreement, Chameleone has even mawooko that he would sue his ex-sisters-in-law in Belgiumall in the name of securing the custody of Ayla. Badilisha Refixxx 20, Plays.

I hope even if I stopped here, you would have understood nz. You know those DStv guys want all contestants to be revealed on their respective days of playfor surprise purposes, but well they have somewhat let the cat of the bag.

mawoko na mawoko

Nkwagala Nnyo 17, Plays. The Game is an ex-G-Unit member and former bosom-buddy of rapper 50 Cent but they are now bitter enemies of each other. And the news is that Chameleone is back on the list of eight just waiting for June to see his fate.


Kwesto Nsiggo Blakk 6, views. Sili Mujjawo 33, Plays. I happened to know that she wanted to know the condition of the baby in the womb however, I remain puzzled to this day about who exactly was the man I saw in her car that was left in the parking lot. The actress, 31, became besotted with the bashful three-year-old after he tried to hide from her last November.

But my first choice is the lovers-rock Wa Nsonyi, which eases your ears with some real melodic and mellow singing over guitars as Maddox eulogises his well-mannered, yet shy girlfriend.

Posted by Raf at 4: Fed Up lambastes people who pick-on others and is a hit on Capital FM whilst All Time Lover would be a perfect number for a date, just talking about a lover of all seasonsthe one who loves you in morning, afternoon and evening. This will be known soon but it is not ripe yet for public consumption. Mambo Bado 28, Plays. Ememe Katale 14, Plays. Sorry that a mere mention of Pastor Kiwewesi getting married could leave many girls and women disappointed, but like it or not we have to enlighten the truth.


Going On 12, Plays.

mawoko na mawoko

Here on Rafshizzle blog, I do nothing but mawiko and I break the news! Moto Moto 17, Plays. Mama Mia 30, Plays. Miles will spin the discs, as Rafsanjan does the talking.

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They are going for introductions at the girls home in Rukungiri and you better watch the space for more developements. The night is purposely to support and promote local artistes. Abbey Rafsanjan Some artistes impose themselves through releasing numerous poor songs to stay in the limelight, however, Maddox remains on the scene with his few but polished songs. King Saha 5, views. This is a timeless album. Byansi Byakuleka 15, Plays.

mawoko na mawoko

Jolie was very moved. Once the used and unused acceptance speeches at the Oscars were popped in the bin, actors and actresses in Hollywood switched to sorts of parties. An orphanage source said last night: Sudanese Gal 18, Plays.