The latest installer that can be downloaded is MB in size. How to clean registry featured. At this point, the software gives you the option to make a drive image copy from an older, or existing HDD onto the newly installed HDD. Troubleshooting If you are experiencing a capacity limitation where you may have used a Dynamic Drive Overlay DDO in the past, we now offer the following resolutions: Usually the installation of a new hard drive is something for a techno-savy person to handle, and not generally something everyone will want to do on their own. The tool is sometimes referred to as “MaxtorMaxBlast”, “Maxtor?

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MaxBlast also lets you transfer your data to your new Maxtor disc drive in minutes. Play Enhance your gameplay. The software also gives the chance at this point to adjust the size of each partition.

Maxtor MaxBlast Installation Software – DiamondMAX FrostyTech Review

Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Had we made one drive larger or smaller that would have been represented maxtoor the graphics.

The software lets you quickly install your new disc drive with wizards that guide you through the processes of creating and formatting partitions on your disc drive, maxtor maxblast data, and backing up your data. The latest installer that can be downloaded is MB in size.


The program’s installer is maxblat called DiscWizard. You can then keep your old drive as a backup or use MaxBlast to store your image backups.


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Upgrade Improve your storage. For our drive, we only needed to partition and format the HDD. The software migrates everything, your operating systems, applications, documents and personal setting to your new disc drives just as you had them. Maxtor maxblast Get portable power. DiskGetor Data Recovery Free 2. Benchmark and Conclusion List all Maxtor heat sinks that Frostytech tested?

Maxtor maxblast alleviate all these concerns and in general to make the whole process of installing a new drive all that much more simple, Maxtor have developed a very useful program called MaxBlast.

Thank you for rating the program! New hard drives can bring on an overall increase in system performance, a gigantic leap in storage capability and more. The software is very simple to use, so it is difficult to make any mistakes when setting up a new hard drive.

If you are experiencing a capacity limitation where you may have used a Dynamic Drive Overlay DDO in the past, we now offer the following resolutions:.


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MaxBlast works with Maxtor disc drives only. Through a small display, you can adjust the number of partitions you would like to have on the drive from 1 to whatever number you choose.

Choose the Right Drive. If you are setting up your new drive, you can use the install instruction links below to assist in maxtor maxblast the drive, then use the tools built into your operating system to prepare the drive. Check for BIOS updates. The most popular versions of the Maxtor MaxBlast Once the drive has been fully partitioned and formatted the size, maxtor maxblast, and drive information is displayed. You can download MaxBlast here. Basically what you do is insert a floppy with the program in the A: Hard Drives Browse internal drives.

Seagate Maxtor maxblast Hdd Management. From there you will be sent through a bunch of screens which help the software figure out what you want it to do make a copy of an existing drive, format and partition a new or existing drive, etc. Download maxtor maxblast