We had our th post yesterday, and since there are days this year, that means we have entered the final posts. Tyler and I have also set a new goal for our blog. Witches look quite cool and I like that they throw potions at you, but where will they be found? Besides the enderdragon, blazes and ghasts from the other dimensions, Bats will be the first flying mob in the overworld. Our new goal is very difficult. Bats don’t drop anything so I can’t see the point except from more entertainment whilst mining.

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This week, Jonah and I have got some more information than last week, so this post should be a much better 12w38w than last week. By continuing to use this website, you agree minecraft 12w38a their use. Tyler and I have minecrsft set a new goal for our blog. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Endermen got some new sounds when they are aggravated. Last edited by ajw I like all the changes and are looking forward to them!

Minecraft: Snapshot 12w38a – Bats, Witches, New Sounds, and MORE!

If not prepared, they can be very dangerous. Let me save the next several posters time and effort. This is just a test feature minecraft 12w38a see how players react to this change. One new feature of this snapshot is the new bat mob.


They are completely neutral and will not attack even if provoked. If you were to look back at Beta 1. Mojang will be releasing another batch of Minecon tickets tomorrow night.

Minecraft Snapshot 12w38a

The minecraft 12w38a is not the command block, is it? Full of active gaming! Home 12d38a Forum Minecraft: As you know, our previous goal was to get an average of views in a given month.

They are absolutely terrifying by the way. Oh…this would be so awesome for PvP servers, showing off your kills at your fortress to ward off any possible noobs.

It’s clear Mojang are planning to release 1. Witches seem completely out of place in Minecraft, as do bats. You can now get Pocket Edition on miinecraft Kindle!!! They throw minecraft 12w38a potions at you and help themselves to some lovely potions of healing when damaged.

Bats 12w38a

Mostly because there are some nice new things included with this as 112w38a of the halloween update. Now can we get a scary snow spirit or mob for the snow biome? Before then, Minecraft survival was still more about crafting than it was about quests. Dinnerbone released a teaser pic for another possible update. We love it when more and more people come to our blog. Stemming off from the mob heads that were introduced in a previous snapshot, we may soon minecraft 12w38a player heads….


Witches look quite cool and Jinecraft like that they throw potions at you, but where will they be found? This will totally wreck everything. The beacon actually looks much better now with the how the light looks. Quote from Orc JMR. Sorry, your blog cannot share minecraft 12w38a by email.


Welcome to minecraft 12w38a.