Connect your device to your PC and turn it on. Their rubber surface means they are comfortable and easy to press, so adjusting volume and navigating back to the main menu is effortless. Open MioMore Desktop 7. Run Time Up To. Mobile by Lance Whitney Jul 29, If you get a pop up with the option to Install now or Install later , click Install now. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

mio c510 maps

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In addition to solid GPS navigation, the C also offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to act as a mobile phone hands-free system, as well as an MP3 player and picture viewer. A buck buys you your first 30 days of service.

Close down MioMore Desktop and disconnect device.

Get a TomTom 4. While MIO has improved the interface since their earlier models, it’s clear some work is still needed to match the competitors. If a map update is released before you purchase your device or up to 30 days after you first use it, you will be entitled to get a free map update of the maps that were originally installed on the device at purchase same coverage and features as the initial map apply. A massive improvement over earlier MIO models, the C includes good maps, clear voice instructions and added features like Bluetooth hands free.

You can also view the map without actually navigating to a location and check your recent locations. Our only complaint with the hands-free was the volume levels; like the navigational voice c150, they aren’t loud enough at the highest setting. The C jio allows you to store other files on the unit’s memory, including contacts, photos and MP3 files.


C150 should see a pop up offering you a software update for MioMore.

mio c510 maps

When searching for a specific address, the C doesn’t filter suburbs by state, so unfortunately you are presented with a list of every suburb in Australia. The C internal battery is rated at between four and five hours by MIO, depending on usage.

Mio DigiWalker C510

The C display is also impressive. More info The Latest Map Guarantee ensures that when you buy a device you will be able to benefit from the most up to date map data we have available. Unfortunately, the buttons aren’t backlit, so accurately pressing them during night time driving is a little difficult. When the maps have finished transferring click Close.

Waze now tells iOS users how long they’ll be stuck in traffic Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof when it’s gridlock. Unfortunately, the stubborn window mount means it’s hard to quickly remove the C unit from the mount and this can become annoying – especially as it’s wise to remove the unit from your vehicle when parked to prevent theft.

Mobile Apps by Lance Whitney Apr 2, If you get a pop up with the option to Install now or Install laterclick Install now.

mio c510 maps

Things like a picture of a gear, or a winding road with a flag are less than clear – especially for first time GPS users. Users can also set a preference for using motorways or normal urban roads and this is taken into consideration when the unit calculates a route.

When done, click Finish. The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip.


mio c510 maps

AC power adapter, USB cable, automotive windshield mount, car power adapter. From here you simply tap the relevant icon to navigate to a specific address, a POI Point of Interest or kaps of your saved favourites. There is an SD card slot on top for extra maps as well. You will be able to download the maps via the desktop software, and there is no need for activation as the new maps will be activated automatically during the installation process.

Media Player Supported Pictures Formats.

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Select the Installer Language and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard to install the software updates. Mobile by Muo Whitney Jul 29, The MIO Map main menu is excellent, with clearly labelled coloured icons and a text description making it easy to navigate your way through the device.

The address entry screen uses a large on-screen keyboard, but we felt the keys were quite small and those with large fingers may have problems; you’ll definitely need to use your fingertips to ensure you don’t accidentally press the wrong buttons.

Waze widgets finetune social navigation app The crowdsourced driving directions app now lets you add widgets so you can track your ETA more easily and quickly.