Download the firmware credits to FezzFest link provided above 4. Its second only to the Onda VXW, but with less quality loss. Hi there im desperately looking for some help i have tried your method as above step by step – however i get to the point in which i connect the usb lead, a noise sounds straight away before i press the power button 10 times, then live suite just hangs and reads not responding – until i pull the usb lead – any ideas?? Shadowgun lags a little but that can be fixed with Chainfire 3D, will test later on. Backup your data if necessary because flashing will format your device. Its relatively simple, no homo. Mar 31 ,

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Backup your data if necessary because flashing will format your device.

Even the box looked good! Or a better ROM. Its a script that helps with tweaking the tablet further.

[Q] Cyanogenmod 9/10 for this device?

Apr 2 Download and install the following program; LiveSuit 1. Its physical build is among fidmware sturdiest and solid I’ve felt thus far.


Apr 16 This had happened iil frequent. I flashed it yesterday. Root delivered as promised. Thanks Added on April 9,9: This post has been edited by bjohnxbjohn: It will prompt you to select a new image file. Sound momo9 plus iii firmware is good, can’t complain considering it only has one speaker but I can get the mojo9 out of it from games. With my current rom, I get by 8 hours easily with this tablet.

Download Android Lollipop for Ployer Momo9 III 8Gb – free on your device.

Despite being a x resolution tablet, the colours on this device is bright and appealing. Don’t mention it, alshadid. We guarantee your Android momo9 plus iii firmware will be protected throughout the rooting process.

I’m currently using iji. Thanks so much for your help!!! Install Root Apps Want the best root-only apps? Thanks to One Click Root, rooting has never been safer, easier, or faster. Now they will ask you whether you’re sure about force formating it. So unless someone can throw a couple spare ones my way for testing purposes, I can’t do much with it.


Show posts by this member only Post 1. There are momo9 plus iii firmware of root-only apps and features out there. I’ve been able to use it as my office, my Kindle, my Comic Reader, my Gameboy Advance, my Playstation, my Nintendo 64, my Youtube and much, much more since its purchase. Does it work with mmo 8?

May 16 I sincerely apologize for the much delayed reply. BUT I do happen to own a bluetooth dongle and will try and see if it works later. Remove Bloatware Speed up your device and free up space by uninstalling bloatware.

Its WiFi capability is phenomenal!

[Q] Cyanogenmod 9/10 for this device?

It has 1GB worth of internal storage for apps. I am also open to any personal inquiries. Also wished it had bluetooth firmmware that can be resolved with a dongle.