Music may be repeated or shortened. This is the print version of this page. Allows you to set the duration in minutes and seconds. Download the installer, run the setup routine and follow the instructions. Navigation — these are conventional navigation options such as stop, play, etc.

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You’ll also find three other options: This will start saving the muvee with selected properties see Figure 5this could take some time. If the total duration of the video muvee autoproducer styles picture files is longer than the duration of the music, select Allow Music to repeat to repeat music for the duration of the video clips.

You can also click on the seek bar or drag the slider to move to a particular styled in the movie. Snapshot tool which takes a snapshot of a augoproducer in your video and saves it as a picture. Click the Add Pictures button.

Muvee Autoproducer Styles Free – download suggestions

In the Enter your title here box, type text to appear at the start of the movie. Click the Play button on the screen to begin viewing the video. Click the Start Playback button to begin viewing the video. Move the slider qutoproducer adjust the Muvee autoproducer styles mix level of the music and original soundtrack.


muvee stylePacks

If you wish to create more than one etyles using the same muvee file, use these steps:. The movie begins playing. Plagiarism will be detected by Copyscape. Click the Start Playback button. You can literally feed muvee with movie clips, and burn a DVD!

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Using muvee autoProducer | HP® Customer Support

Adding an opening title and closing credits Personalize the movie project by adding an opening title and closing credits. Save and share your muvee in your preferred format. Adjust the order of the video styls by selecting and then dragging and dropping the files into the proper order.

In the Enter your credits here box, type the text to appear at the muvee autoproducer styles of the movie.

Muvee autoProducer 6.1.2242

Geetesh Bajaj Date Created: Each time you change a movie project, click the make muvee button again to add that change to the movie. Press the Select all or Muvee autoproducer styles all button to save all muvee files or to save none of the muvee files.

Preview window displays the selected video, changes after applying preset styles, and the final video. Personalize Click the muvee autoproducer styles make muvee button to make and preview the muvee. Personalize see Figure 3 enables you to customize the behavior of selected styles, add titles, options for video, picture, audio and change other muvee settings.


After restarting, make sure no other software that is capable of using the camera is opened before muvee autoproducer, this includes Windows Media Center and Windows Movie Maker.

To make matters a little confusing, the movies that muvee outputs are also called muvees! Changing the settings muvee autoProducer allows you to adjust audio and video production settings before making a movie.

Click the Change Settings button to change the video and audio settings of the movie file type as required advanced users only. You can also purchase additional styles from the muvee web site.

Click and hold down the arrow buttons to navigate backward and forward through the video footage. Alternatively, click Cancel to exit the tweak muvee window without saving your changes. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Automatically adjusts audio playback volume to a consistent level. Video footage left unmarked is still analyzed when the movie is created and may be included in the final version of the movie.

Use the controls in the Preview window to play, pause, and stop muvee autoproducer styles movie preview.