Views Read Edit View history. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Other features of WorldWind. Comprehensive software that lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, find locations, work with a compass and distance calculator, and learn about other planets. You can download it from – WorldWind Central Any bugs should be reported on the same page.

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World Wind RC2 – The NASA World Wind Forum

Alternatively, you could figure out how to change the version number on your local copy of the code so that you build and the official install don’t share user settings directories. All in all, NASA World Wind is a fun application that can also be used to learn a lot of new things, worlv if the user has the patience to explore its numerous wlrld.

In addition, they can get the exact location of the mouse cursor or they can get details regarding latitude and longitude. Zoom in over the map using the rollover button of your mouse and skim nasa world wind 1.4 rc2 parts of the screen with your mouse. Possible types of add-ons:.

In addition, WW has bathymetry data which allows users to see ocean features, such as trenches and ridgesin 3D. Low resolution Blue Nada datasets are included with the initial download ; as a user zooms into certain areas, additional high resolution data is downloaded from the NASA servers.



Right now, the textbox implies that nasa world wind 1.4 rc2 keywords will work. These applications include simple virtual globe viewers, satellite tracker, GIS platforms, photo editor, F simulator, mission planning software and many more.

Additionally, World Wind recreates the infamous Oregon trail mapped out by American adventurers Lewis and Clark at the beginning of the 19th century, stretching out from Independece, Missouri to the Pacific state of Oregon. Last edited by withak ; Blue Marble exposes Earth in its true colors, Landsat 7 gives you high resolution imagery, and MODIS can display time relevant data such as earthquakes, fires or floods.

There are other great add-ons available at these pages: The latest Java-based version 2. I have it running right now, so I know it works The resolution outside the US nwsa at least 15 meters per pixel.

I doubt I get this working tonight The original version relied on. The more recent Java version, WorldWind Java, is cross platform, a software development kit SDK aimed at developers nasa world wind 1.4 rc2, unlike the old. Earth sciences portal Solar System portal. Earth in culture Earth in science fiction Etymology of the word “Earth” History of the world International law Landscape wiind List of countries World economy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Landmarks are particularly well catalogued. The application also comes with a virtual compass and a distance calculator, both of which can be useful when planning a trip. Login or Sign Winf. Getting help For answers to frequently asked questions, visit: It cr2 first developed by NASA in for use on personal computers and then further developed in concert with the open source community since No thanks Submit review.


Plug-in developers can add features to WorldWind without changing the program’s source code. The description portion of the KML Icons still don’t show up. Browse over mountains and observe the snowy rrc2, the clouds, nasa world wind 1.4 rc2 the different colors of the rock, with incredible precision. Do you think it can handle pulling down 60 – 80 KB ever 10 seconds?

Download NASA World Wind Alpha / Final

The size of all currently available data sets is about 4. This is why you can have 1. X DirectX 3D polygon mesh models and advanced visual effects such as atmospheric scattering or sun shading. I will look at putting the description sections back in the Layer manager.

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