Okera produced a fine debut and the great Mother was inclined to agree. I’d also mention Paradise Lost as a likely influence too. And while Okera’s influences seem easily apparent they still manage to avoid being derivative and create their own sound! I will whip them out soon though. Okera go to album.

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After considering courts and beautifuul and lack of my music collection on the inside, I opted to walk away and listen to the CD without further disruptions. I am infinitely glad I discovered this band and can honestly hope for the very best to emanate from the well of creativity that the band seems to have a bucket or two within.

No worries about this album it’s not a keeper.

A Beautiful Dystopia | Okera

I will whip them out soon though. I Hope free The Scythe Of Cosmic Chao. And despite the whole album sounding somewhat bleak, it has a constant sense of hope throughout; it sounds exactly as the title would suggest.

PratlAugust 17th, Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. As the track moves on I shut out the only light I have for illumination and let the surroundings compliment the music. Heavy, epic, mournful, and replete with art by Paolo Girardi.


Okera go to album. Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar dgstopia, go to album. Okera produced a fine debut and the great Mother was inclined to agree. Login Create a Profile.

If you like Okera, you may also like:. And in contrast, the ten minute title track is surprisingly beautiful; one of those tracks that is better with your eyes closed. You have to be logged in to post a comment.

Or browse results titled:. Okera has a severely atmospheric edifice of musical design in the minutes of music they offer here. It’s like an okera a beautiful dystopia and meaningfull journey, when you just concentrate on the music.

Okera – A Beautiful Dystopia (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

While it might have well been just coincidence or proper timing that I took in A Beautiful Dystopia with a summer thunderstorm wreaking havoc outside my door, I am thankful for the experience. Rob van der Bend. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from Of Breath and Bone by Be’lakor. For what it is though A Beautiful Dystopia is an entertaining release.


All three of those demo tracks do okera a beautiful dystopia here again, but the much improved recording has breathed new life into them, making them just as thrilling to beautful to as the first time those original recordings ooera the internet. Graven guitarist Fan Account. It is overflowing with infectious yet melancholic melodies, and is continuously flowing from crushing riffs through to subtle clean sections and back again.

As usual, armchair critics have limited scopes of comparison, so we leave them to their miseries. The Black Rain 2. Like Jewels In The Sky 7.

Album Reviews : Okera – A Beautiful Dystopia

Ordinary Corrupt Human Lo. I reviewed it just because I knew a lot about this style but I ended up deleting it afterwards. A Beautiful Dystopia