However I recomend you go through the installation chapter and also look into the next Troubleshooting and solving chapter. Now we have to complete main junos installation process. There are recommend to modify previous lines to: Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Notice a type of our virtual disk. First, find out your qemu-img version. Due to the huge amount of time it would take on the guest, I suggest you to extract archive inside the host system.


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Download Juniper JunOS Olive Image For GNS3

Parameters such as file format and disk size can be obtained with qemu-img utility. But I have had working installation of VirtualBox since last year Be sure that you use the latest version of VirtualBox. For Tux lover, compilation and installation VirtualBox might be more challenging. Also notice that like any other router, Juniper does oliv1e2.1r1.9.img have VGA output and redirects output to the serial port.

Here are olive12.1r1.9.img steps: Among other things, the following step-by-step tutorial discuss installation of VirtualBox from Fedora repository. We have created a virtual disk with UID: You will see your results.


Installing Olive R under Qemu | Brezular’s Blog

Comment the extractInner line extractInner 2. Would be very grateful! Which tool is better? Here is the command we will use:.

Hello, VRRP works in this version? Set password for root account and exit. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Comment and modify the lines to look like: This solution just simplify the Solution 1.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Note that in order to run multiple Olive routers you will need to clone the Olive vm. Click on the Test Settings button.


First, a little trick has to be done. I can see that disk is mutliattach under normal user but it is normal type under root account I noticed it, too. And after login as root we should run.

OliveRimg | ethernuno

Thu Mar 20 Just answer No for each of them. Starting final network daemons:. To get to Junos cli, type command cli. Before we start the package installation we need to modify a Junos package, as an original junos package is not suitable for direct installation signatures, HW platform checks and so oilve12.1r1.9.img.


The disk can be now attached to another virtual machines. Replace the original file with the checkpic file which we already downloaded in original it was true file renamed to checkpic from the BSD machine, the size is arround 3kB.

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Assign a little bit more RAM memory to speed up the installation process: In my case, I had installed a package kmod-VirtualBox2. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Download legaly somewhere on the net.

If we created copy of our olive-base. Prepare your Qemu Olive image. Another limitation is that not all the configuration options are working with Olive.