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Review: Sylvanian Families Playsets

July 20, 2014

How good is your memory? Can you think back to what you played with as a child? For me it was very much about Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, Barbies and Building Blocks. I was a typical girl who loved anything I could pull apart, dress up and create imaginative stories with and it didn’t take much imagination to create them either.

Fast-forward to now and our kids have access to numerous products designed to hold their attention and stimulate them. Some I avoid like the plague because they simply don’t last that long, while others like a simple set of flash-cards have become staples for the toy box. Continue Reading…


How To Make A Professional Looking Media Kit Using Canva

July 9, 2014

I don’t usually do tutorials here on Five’s A Fellowship, so many of my readers may not know that I LOVE creating shiny graphics with a passion. It’s true, I’m always tinkering away with photoshop and picmonkey, tweaking new WordPress themes and generally experimenting.

This week I’ve been experimenting with Canva. A platform very similar to Picmonkey but with many more options for customisation. Although it’s a bit clunky to use, it offers a huge amount of versatility and is well worth getting a good working knowledge of, so that you can add it to your arsenal of blogging tools. Continue Reading…

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Sea Change: Decluttering One Step At A Time

July 6, 2014


Last week I sat looking around my cluttered and miss-matched living room. Toys were strewn across the floor, drawers bulging with plastic figures, soft toys and broken pens with the lids left off. I looked at my bookshelves and the detritus that had accumulated there – hair bobbles, nail varnish, scraps of paper – even a beetle captured in amber.

Looking at all of these things made me realise that something needed to change. As a family we needed to start looking at the things we owned in a different way. Continue Reading…

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Weekend Reads: Finding Some Perspective

July 3, 2014
weekend reads

Well looky here. A week ago I sat here telling you all how this blog was dead, finishing, no-more. I was moving on to something a bit different, following a little known dream of mine. Yet today I’m back here feeling a little bit mortified and a little bit relieved. In truth I feel like I’ve failed at something when in reality it’s just a setback. A blip on the chart.

That dream of mine was to move forward into self-help blogging. I wanted to do away with the parenting aspect of my blogging life, start afresh in a new home. Sadly circumstances beyond my control means I can’t really afford to say goodbye to Five’s A Fellowship just yet. It’s become a core part of my income and if anything, the last week away from it has shown me that it has much more value to my life than I realised. Continue Reading…

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Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Occupied on A Rainy Summer’s Day

July 1, 2014
kids rainy days activities


While Brits like to imagine their summer holidays will involve basking in glorious sunshine, the reality is the weather can often be cold, rainy and downright dismal. If you’ve got kids, being stuck inside on a rainy summer’s day can be challenging to say the least. To help you keep the brood entertained, no matter what the weather, we’ve come up with some great ways to keep kids occupied on a rainy summer’s day. Continue Reading…

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The Toddlers Guide To Flash Cards #FirstFun

June 24, 2014

When you hear the phrase ‘Flash Cards’, what springs to mind? Playing snap, matching colours, eagerly flashing cards in front of your little one’s face in the hope that they’ll know what the heck you’re going on about? Let’s face it, sometimes it can be difficult to dream up interesting ways of using these useful little cards, bursting with info – especially when you haven’t had your first caffeine dose of the day.

That’s why Miles Kelly, along with the release of their new Flash Card sets, are asking parents to come up with new, different ways of playing with Flash Cards with their kids. As is my motto – normal is boring – why stick to what’s normal when you can have great fun finding new ways to do things? Continue Reading…