Sykes is a clever wordsmith, but the meat of this book leaves much to be desired I can’t figure a work like that out, and I’m not even sure such a word excists.. The two end up having sex, something that weighs upon the protagonist’s conscience since she has a rule against sleeping with a friend’s ex-boyfriend. Open Preview See a Problem? It was about rich snobby girls living in NYC hooking up with different guys, travelling around the world, spending rediculous amounts of money on clothes and getting expensive clothes for free even though they can afford them.

plum sykes bergdorf blondes

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Discover what to read next. This book is silly and fun.

plum sykes bergdorf blondes

All the guests care about is the eligibility of the cute, but shy book lecturer. Oh sorry, when you reach a certain income level, you are “notorious” or “eccentric.

I was sadly taken aback because this one was just too much for me.

Have blondes ever been so dumb?

This is blondee kind of book that I consider “a light bit of confection. It was about rich snobby girls living in NYC hooking up with different guys, travelling around the world, spending rediculous amounts of money on clothes and getting expensive clothes for free even though they can afford them.

Fourth book read in my “gal about town” novels in NYC. View all 4 comments.

What these characters need is a less money and a lot of therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I was a suicide counselor for ten years and I more than anybody understand how serious suicide is, but this book made it so completely ridiculous it made the entire book make sense. A very funny, light-hearted, astute and loving look at our Park Avenue Princesses. She is a contributing editor at Vogue magazine, and a famous Manhattan “It” girl.


My only criticism of the book was it felt a bit inappropriate at times. It is simply that it is so horribly empty, a bilious swirl of superficial characters and sickly values.

Okay so going into this book, I didn’t have many expectations, mainly that I wanted a nice and fluffy, funny feel good story. Sykes produced a viciously funny trip into a glittery, glitzy world we sure wouldn’t want to live in but would be endlessly fascinated with.


You wouldn’t believe the dedication it takes to be a gorgeous, flaxen-haired, dermatologically perfect New York girl with a life that’s fabulous beyond belief. Had it been written better or more precise without abbreviations, etc it wouldn’t have had that same personal quality.

Worst of all, despite her Ivy League education, she is dim. skyes

plum sykes bergdorf blondes

Despite some friction between the two, the protagonist finds that she genuinely likes Charlie, who tells her that he’s broken up with Julie. There are much more books out there that are more worth your while. Apr 12, PurplyCookie rated it liked it Shelves: Sometimes it’s nice for things like this book to meet your expectations.

Are there really people out there who are this shallow and pointless?

Despair occasionally strikes when her latest prince turns sgkes yet another toad, but it’s nothing an invitation to an uber-exclusive Hermes sale and a gallon or so of Bellinis can’t fix. Both books talk about the famous editor, but the treatment in each book is completely different. Lists with This Book. Before I read this book, I had looked at other reviews and people complained that it wasn’t written well or didn’t have much substance to it.


Bergdorf Blondes – Wikipedia

Jul 27, Debbie rated it it was amazing. It was basically like Sex and the City but 10, times more I’m not sure why I even read this in the first place. These women’s lives are not to be envied at all. Nor, I hasten to add, do I envy her the glammy little number she has going at American Vogue, where she is a ‘contributing editor’ and is, presumably, in receipt of delicious fashion freebies.

Observer review: Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes | Books | The Guardian

The writing style is less than mediocre and it was a total waste of the 3 hours that seemed more like an eternity that i spent reading it.

I tried plmu look at it as a tongue in cheek tale, but there really wasn’t anything remotely funny about it. I’d say that she’s be Blissfully self-interested and flush with the cheeriness of a New York socialite on a quest to snag the perfect P.

I may get the meanings through context clues, or through trusty old google.