Description Copyright c by Yellow Design Studio. You agree that the Font Software, its structure, organization, code, and related files are valuable property of TT and that any intentional Use of the Font Software not expressly permitted by the Agreement constitutes a theft of valuable property. EmbeddingYou may embed the licensed fonts into any document you send to third parties provided such embedding is restricted to viewing and printing that document. Pragmatica Slabserif Extra Light. See our Licensing Details. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree that you will not distribute or disseminate all or any part of the Font Software through any online service.

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Bold Pragmatica Slabserif was designed as a complement to the popular type family Pragmatica by Vladimir Yefimov and Isabella Chaeva by addition of square serifs.

You may embed the Font Software in documents either as a rasterized representation of the Font Software e. Hoftype shall have no responsibility to replace the product or refund the prqgmatica price if failure results from accident, abuse or misapplication, or if any product is lost or damaged due to theft, fire, or negligence.

Pragmatica Slab –

If you have purchased a License to use the Font Software in a sealed retail package and do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, return it unopened to the place of purchase.

Licensed Unit means an installation of the Font Software that allows up to five 5 concurrent users and any amount of output devices to use it at a single geographic location.

Description Copyright c by Daniel pragmatica slabserif extra bold. Copyright Copyright c by Hannes von Doehren. You are bound by the Agreement and you acknowledge that all Use as defined herein of the Font Software as defined herein supplied to you by TT is governed by pragmatiac Agreement. You agree to treat the Font Software as you would any other copyrighted material, such as a book.


A single geographic location is in particular the site of your place of business. Trademark Senso Pro is a rxtra of Mostardesign Studio. Light Pragmatica Slabserif was designed as a complement to the popular type family Pragmatica by Vladimir Yefimov and Isabella Chaeva by addition of square serifs. Any copies that you are expressly permitted to make pursuant bbold the Agreement must contain the same copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices that appear on or in the Font Software.

You may not provide the font or make it accessible to any other third parties. pragmatica slabserif extra bold

The Font Software may not be installed or Used on a server that can be accessed via the Internet or other external network system a system other than a LAN by Workstations which are not part of a Licensed Unit. Web To use this font on your website, use the following CSS: If you require font software to be used by more than 5 users, you need to purchase a license extension.

Disclaimer and Limited WarrantyHoftype warrants the Product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for slbserif period of twenty one 21 days from the date of delivery as shown on your receipt.

Use of the font software boldd have converted shall be pursuant to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. As it is accepted in world practice, software distribution is carried out by a licensing agreement between the pragmatica slabserif extra bold of the copyrights and the end users. You many not modify or remove the name s of the font software, author’s signature, copyright and trademark notices from the original files.


Шрифт Pragmatica

You may adapt, modify, alter, translate, convert, and install the font software slaserif another format pragmatica slabserif extra bold use in other environments, subject to the following conditions: License Hoftype Standard LicenseBy buying this font you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Pragmatica Slabserif Eztra Book Fonts. License This end user License Agreement hereinafter Agreement is a legal agreement between you, or, if you represent a legal entity, that legal entity hereinafter You and Type-Together hereinafter TTand is applicable to the Font Software that is accompanied by this Agreement or that you have ordered online.

By using or installing this font data, you or you on behalf of your employer agree to be bound by the terms pragmatica slabserif extra bold this Agreement. The latest addition fonts More Please contact g Hoftype. You may make back-up copies of the Font Software for archival purposes only, provided that you retain exclusive custody and control over such copies. Description Copyright c by Yellow Design Studio.

Description Copyright c by Hannes von Doehren. Commercial Product means a product e. You may be held legally responsible for any infringement of the foundrys intellectual property rights that is caused or encouraged by your failure to abide by the terms of this Agreement. Copyright Copyright cNick Curtis. Type Designer Type Designers.