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Review: Jake & The Never Land Pirates – Fisher Price


Big Bro is getting to that age where he’s completely and utterly into toys that centre around pirates, superheroes, knights and particularly Tree Fu Tom. What we hadn’t counted on was his obsession with Diney’s Jake & The Never Land Pirates series, which sees Jake and his friends constantly battling against the villain Hook and his minions.

To coincide with this unbridled love of his, we were after some toys that would allow him to embrace his imagination, rather than letting him sit in front of the TV all day (which he would quite happily do).

The lovely people at Fisher Price just so happen to have a range of Jake & The Never Land Pirates products up for grabs and off the back of one of my previous reviews for them, asked me if I’d like to do something similar with this range, given how keen Big Bro was.

Naturally I accepted. I mean, who can resist playing with pirates and heroes on a rainy autumn day? I know I couldn’t!

What we received


Jake and the never land pirates skull island playset

In our box of goodies we found: 

A Jake & The Never Land Pirates, Doubloon Blaster. This coin shooter is shaped as a skull and crossbones, which when you pull the trigger, makes a range of wooshing, pirate sounds. It contains five coins which can all be loaded up at the same time and fired one after the other.

A Jake & Skully Figure Pack. In this set you get a poseable Jake figure, which bends at the middle, his Parrot friend Skully and a Tiki Pole. Skully can perch upon the top of the Tiki pole via a peg on the top.

A Hook & Tick Tock Figure Pack. This set also comes with a poseable Hook figure, his arch enemy Tick Tock Croc and a pedestal telescope.

A Jake & The Never Land Pirates, Skull Island Playset. I left the best until last naturally! The Skull Island Playset is a skull-shaped hideaway for Jake and his friends that includes a revolving door, a drop down teeth trap, an eye patch hatch for spying on enemies and a working water ball cannon. The set also comes with a flag, treasure chest and Peter Pan character.

What we thought

Initially I thought that Big Bro wouldn’t get much play out if this collection of toys. The figures are small and in this house-hold, easy to loose under sofas and armchairs. However ever one to prove his mother wrong, he literally tore them from their boxes and proceeded to play for a whole hour.

Jake was the particular favourite. Stood next to Tree Fu Tom, he looked like his mini side-kick and with that combination an afternoon was wiled away with duo flying superheroes, baddy bum-kicking and parrot launching.

The Doubloon Launcher on the other hand was a bit trickier for Big Bro to get used to. With all of the coins loaded, he found it quite difficult to pull the trigger, needing me to help him shoot down the villainous Captain Hook. Given that it was aimed at Big Bro’s age range of 3+ I was a little disappointed with this.

In this house though, there is nothing that we can’t over come. By unloading the doubloon, we found that he could pull the trigger without any problems, and so one by one, we loaded a coin until he had just enough, but not too many, in order to pull the trigger with both hands. It did mean that he couldn’t benefit from the consecutive blast after blast, that is one of the features of this toy, but at least he could successfully play with it.  Huzzah!

One thing I would say is that if you do buy the Doubloon Blaster, make sure you don’t leave your child alone with it. Those coins come out pretty fast and can travel over 20 feet! I’d hate for someone to have their eye taken out by one of these, especially with smaller children around.

The Skull Island Playset was a real treat to play with. Being able to shoot the water balls from the cannon across the room was great fun for both of us (although there were several retrievals from under the sofa). All three of my children were fascinated with the eye-patch hatch, choosing to spy on each other rather than the formidable hook and much fun was had pressing the button to release those dastardly teeth. Thankfully they’re not sharp, otherwise I’d be minus a few digits right now!

 Time for adventure




As you can see, we both had a great time reviewing these toys. As a whole they’re ideal for a bit of imaginative play and adventure, for any child with a liking for Jake and The Never Land Pirates and coupled with their bright, eye-catching colours and sturdy materials, it finishes them off beautifully.

My only sticking point is the difficulty of the Doubloon Trigger. It may be just a case of it being harder for my son, because he’s a very slight boy and just not strong enough but it’s something to bear in mind. As I said earlier, it’s easy to overcome so don’t let that put you off an otherwise brilliant little toy, built with the quality I’ve come to expect from Fisher Price.

These toys are incredibly easy to get hold of. They’re available along with other accompanying toys from the range at Argos, Smyths and Toys R Us and would make perfect little stocking fillers for Christmas.

Now over to you, what do you make of them? Are your children mad about pirates and all things swashbuckling too?

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  1. Luci - Mother.Wife.Me says

    Aw love TreeFuTom! Such an upbeat kind of a guy!! #PoCoLo

  2. Verily Victoria Vocalises says

    It’s at times like this I wish I were a kid again – these look fabulous. See what you mean about that Doubloon trigger though! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    • Thanks Vicky – was great joining up with PoCoLo again. I’m of the opinion that when it comes to toys, you don’t necessarily have to grow up :)

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  4. Emma T says

    Ha ha, love your ‘comic’ story pics. Looks like a great set of toys.

    N loves pirates, although would have no idea who Jake is, so good to know there’s some options out there for when he’s a little older #PoCoLo

    • What child doesn’t like pirates! (Even I like pirates and I’m a grown woman. I secretly buy them for me obviously ;) I’m sure N will grow to be a great little swashbuckler too!

  5. Great review! How old is Big Bro if you don’t mind my asking? Jake at the moment is a big fan of pirates & especially Jake & the Neverland Pirates (not surprisingly I guess!) & is 3 1/2

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