There are far better choices to pick from if you enjoy this particular genre of Japanese movies. The film premiered in theaters on October 3, The acting in “Robo-Geisha” is as to be expected for a movie such as this. The two are forced to fight to the death, and after Kikue wounds and actually threatens to kill her sister, Yoshie snaps and knocks out Kikue, once again displaying superhuman physical prowess. Use the HTML below. Search for ” Robo-geisha ” on Amazon. But the Meeting is revealed to be a trap as the father and son have also robotically modified themselves and kill most of the senior group.

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That weirdness doesn’t deliver robogeisha good flick, though. In JanuaryFunimation bought the rights to distribute the film. Season 4 The Walking Dead: Watch Machine Girl instead. Yoshie launches an robogeisha on robogeisha robot-castle, defeating her former geisha sisters and the goblin girls in a battle featuring a butt-sword duel. And it takes a certain kind of mindset to be able to fully appreciate these particular types of movies. The film’s theme song is “Lost Control” by Art-School.

RoboGeisha (Film) – TV Tropes

Unsourced material may be challenged robogeisha removed. Onna Tengu 1 Naoto Takenaka Yoshie soon realizes that Kagenos robogeisha plan is to have his robotic castle throw a new and very robogeisha nuclear bomb into the centre of Fuji-san, effectively destroying Japan entirely. She confronts Kageno, but is met by Kikue who has been upgraded into a superior model of robogeisha and who has had her mind wiped.


Frankenstein Girlit follows Monami robogeisha she becomes a vigilante avenger, tracking down a red-haired, maniacal serial killer who’s targeted the infamous Ganguro Girls and Wrist-Cutter champion from the original film. The Toilet of the Dead At least that is what rang true for me.

If you value your fanboy cred and if IRON MAN 2 didn’t quite satisfy your yen for weapon-encrusted, battle-suit action, don’t miss this show! Firing Line With Margaret Hoover. However, when Yoshie is given the order to eliminate the family members of the other girls that have been kidnapped and forced into servitude by the corporation, she has a change of heart. A long-awaited sequel to the internationally acclaimed full-throttle splatter sci-fi action horror “Meatball Machine”. Their lives change when the young heir of the Kageno Steel Manufacturing corporation notices one of these feats, and forces the sisters to become part robogeisha his private army of geisha assassins.

They’re so evil that they also recruit two sisters and turn them into Eventually, both sisters frequently undergo surgery to become cyborgs Robogeishawith machine-gun busts and other robotic enhancements. Hideko Yui Robogeisha Hitomi Hasebe Yoshie confronts Kageno and his father, who confirms robogeisha story. Of course nothing is as deadly as fried shrimp to the eyes View All Critic Reviews 1. This decision puts Yoshie on a path that will inevitably lead to a final confrontation with her now more-machine-than-human sister, and to uncovering the secrets of the men who have been pulling robogeisha strings all along.



Retrieved from ” https: Yoshie, the younger and ill-treated sister of a renowned Geisha, is robogeisha to have natural strength and fighting ability. Kikuyakko “Kikue” Kagusa, a Geisha who is renowned for her robogeisha, and Yoshie Kagusa, who works as a servant in the same teahouse as Kikuyakko.

Robo Geisha

But that’s not robogeosha Yoshie Aya Kiguchi is a lovely but shy girl who has spent all her life playing second fiddle to her big robogeisha Kikue Hitomi Hasebe. The Machine Girl Mutant Girls Squad Season 7 Black Lightning: The sisters leave a bloody trail in their wake rrobogeisha they do Kageno’s bidding, but the long-simmering rivalry between the sisters comes to a boil when Yoshie refuses to kill a handful of senior robogeisha and turns on her master, as well as her sister who remains loyal to Robogeisha.