Export a presentation Create a still-image screenshot Copy to clipboard Recording an analysis as a movie advanced export Save your recorded analysis to CD, , or VCD Export options explained How to view an exported presentation Advanced Functions Measuring distances Measure distance between two points discrete distance Synchronising movies Movie Editing: Adding Content More information. Notify me of new comments via email. Click the Graph tab and the data will be graphically displayed. I did not have time to test the software out and now it has locked me out. Temporary drawings T stay on the frame they were drawn on and then disappear when the movie is advanced to the next frame. What is the difference between Skill Analysis and Match Analysis?

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For example, a computer with a Matrox Card installed will most likely have a default Matrox video compression routine selected. Import video Increased flexibility by importing using over video formats. Access the templates by pressing the Templates icon from the Tasks menu bar.

It also fits really well with the NZ coach approach as players can make their own analysis in a process of guided discovery instead of the coach being the all knowing oracle! As a coach, it’s important to integrate intuition with facts. Additional Lighting As the shutter speed increases, less light is able to reach the videotape, causing the image to become darker or siliconcoach pro or both. Movies are played without cropping.


The current version of siliconcoach does not provide a strobe affect. Can I play it in siliconcoach? It is often easier to illustrate to players your frustration as a coach by this use of video, this will give your athletes a new appreciation of the game. Analyse a presentation Siliconcoach Pro comes with a number of tools to help analyse movement. How to flip the movie in Movie Editor. Simply drag and drop videos onto the screen for quick comparison and contrast of angles, athletes, and earlier recordings.

You can use imovie 11 to edit the footage you siliconcoach pro with digital video cameras and HD video cameras.

Pro8 enhances your analysis with features such as high quality video, a flexible layout and an easy workflow. You can change the type of slide, playback speed, movie views, and whether the movies play in frame or slliconcoach mode.

Double-click this icon and your siliconcoach pro will begin playing in the player screen. Recording Audio 6 2.

Common sources of media files. This splash screen will appear every time you launch Camtasia unless you deselect More information. Original downloads only All software listed on file. Give the image file a name e.


Choose level of magnification and resize magnification siliconcoah to desired size. Export options explained Desired export format Export method s options How does it export your presentation? This is an optional feature and may be purchased for More information. How to use a scale and measure discrete and siliconcoach pro distances. An external hard drive is highly recommended to store all of the contents of your video project ie.


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Where do I find the Activation number for Pro 7? How to build a presentation using screen setups. Any camera that is Windows compatible or siliconcoach pro More information.

Lighting should come from behind the camera siliconcoach pro direct light towards the event but not in the eyes of the subject. If a picture can paint a thousand words, what are the capabilities of video analysis?

Trim Movies Trim movie immediately after capture: Slide your right hand through the grip belt on the right side of the camcorder, or securely fasten the camcorder to a tripod using the mounting hole on the bottom. You can also export your project to a digital file, DVD. Athletes and Coaches can then contribute to an online discussion around this analysis.

For example, if you have built 4 single manual slides in a row, they will all be View 1 showing the same movie.