Prestressing of concrete could be effective when a very high strength steel are used. Corrosion protection for unbonded tendons – “Unbonded tendons shal l be completely coated with suitable material to in5Ure corrosion protection. Wrapping must be continuous over the entire zone to be unbonded, and shall prevent intrusion or cement paste or the loss of coating materials during casting operations. Fasten two pieces of 2. Springless Push-PullTaperule- Isusedtomeasurelongdistances; available from1. Longer spans are also available through special order and arrangement.

simplified methods in building construction by max fajardo

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simplified methods in building construction by max fajardo

Relaxation of steel stress 6. Theefficiencyandqualityoftheworkparticularlyinbuild-ing construction depends upon three factors: Plywood has plain, even surface with uniform thickness.

Simplified Methods on Building Construction

AllRightsReserved Everycopyofthisbookmustbear the genuinesignatureof theauthor. Loose nalls allow roof-play and movement which usually invite water to penetrate into the holes. They are used as curtain walls attached to columns and beams or sometimes as bearing walls.

Compass- is usedto inscribe arcs or circle.

[PDF] Max Fajardo Simplified Methods on Building Construction – Free Download PDF

Theincreasingpopularityandworldwideacceptanceofthe Metricmeasurehaspromptedthesecompaniesandothersto adoptandincorporatethemeterandcentimeterrulesinallthe measuringtoolsthattheyaremanufacturing. Expensive – due to the various accessories involved aside from the high cost of labor 2. Knee- Is the convex bend at the back of the handrail. PlasticHosewithwater- isthebest andaccurate tool for guiding the workinestablishing a horizontallevel. Themechanicaladvantages,accuracy,speed andefficiencyderivedfromtheuseof construcyion s andequip-ment,haspromptedmantocontinuouslysearchfortherefine-mentofoldtoolsasidefromtheinventionandintroduction of newonesthatwouldprovidegreater efficiency andrefinement of work.


Other’s at every after two corrugations. Therearethree types of joints available: Steps- The assembly consisting of a tread and a riser. Figure 4, Channel Slab- Is used for floors in the intermediate span.

This portion of the roof needs careful attentcon as the gutter to avoid overflow or leak of water that create trouble and embarassment. Bal,ustnde- A series or row of balusters joined by a handrail Bearen donstruction coping as the parapet of a balcony.

Plywood is light-weight, handy and fast to work on. Layout the corrugated roof and make the necessary diagonal cutting if there is any along metthods hip and valley roll.

Simplified construction estimate max fajardo pdf download – Google Docs

simplifidd Ordinarily for small structure, forms are erected and secured by means of common wire nails not totally driven down leaving a protroding head for pulling off.

Slip at Anchorage 2. Theauthorlikewiseexpresseshisindebtednessand gratitudetothepersonshereunnamedwroinone wayorano-ther hovecontributed tothefullrealizationof thisbook.

The total loss of prestress due to unreplaced broken tendons shall not exceed 2 percent of the total prestress. String Board – The board next to the well hole which receives the ends of the steps.


simplified methods in building construction by max fajardo

Likewise, if the stair metods floor is divided into two or more flights, the intermediate beams should be used to support the intermediate landing. Creep of concrete 4.

Max Fajardo Simplified Methods on Building Construction

Laying Procedure – The laying procedures in fastening fiber roofing sheets are as follows: Guilding Batten Roofing: The factors considered in the selection of forms are: Strength and resistance to pressure and the tear and wear.

Roof sheets should be painted underneath before it is laid on the roof sheating board.

simplified methods in building construction by max fajardo

AngleDivider- is a double bevelusedto divide anangle acomplicatedwork. Greasing of form should not be done after the steel bars have been: Thiscouldbedonewiththe various guiding tools for a precise and quality work.

Figure 1- 2 Zig-zagrule- Isavailabein 4ft.