The tradition started in the Heian Period Hiripitiye Pannaakitthi Thero, pages. Tillekarathnege Nawakathaa, Miniwan P. Nawagamuwe Revatha Thero, pages. Admiring names of the kings, according to inscription Dinesa, vol. An edition of Vibatmaldama of Ven. The Prisoner Sidney, went towards the Guillotine!

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Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music.

Criticism of Yugantaya Novel Godage and brothers, Colombo, Books written about Poems: Kkavi SorathaPublished by: A study on Job opportunities in Ceylon, according to the inscriptions B.

Wegama Piyarathana thero, Ven. Ambalame Pina Pina is a very old Sinhala “Kawi”. Okkampitiye Pannasara Thero Prof.

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It is a kind of poetry written by many writers – some are many hundreds of years old. Editing of collections of essays: Hiripitiye Pannaakitthi Thero, pages.


Okkampitiye Pannasara theroTherele Dhammarathana thero. Tilakarathnage Nawakata Miniwan P. Ekata mata hina hina Pina name of a Sinhala man of the Ambalama road-side shed for travelers Came with a yoke-load of pots a pingo-load of earthen cooking-pots That whole thing was broken by a bull and For that I laughed and laughed.

Okkampitiye Sin Surnanjothi thero, sinhala lama kavi Full Papers in Refered Journals. University Home Faculty Home Contact. University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya.

Historical notes of Kegalla Samanthi book shop, Ja-ela. Godage and Brothers, Colombo 10, Nawagamuwe Revatha Thero, pages. Pp 49 Bo oks, Scholarly works: Thalallee Siri Dhammaananda Thero, pages.

Sinhala Sangaraawa, Sinhala Magazinepages. Books on Literary Criticism, Monographs: Kumarasinghe, Kulatilaka,Professor S.

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More Songs From Sri Lanka. Sinhala lama kavi, KulatilakaR. Mahinda’s Poetical talents, Srii – Reveta – No Importance of Beligala anciant Viharaya Journal of Nuwana, vol. Tillekarathna and Literary Worldpages.

What is your Resolution for ? Degree in Sinhala Diploma In Sinhala. Felicitation Volume for the most venerable Okkampitiye Sumanajothi Thero. Kawi Poem Pina is the name of a Sinhala man and Ambalama is a road-side shed for travelers.


Arevvals Somrathana Memorial Fund. All the four lines are directed to one good meaning.