You are commenting using your Twitter account. What would you say the message is in Renegades Never Die? You are commenting using your Facebook account. The album also welcomes newcomers to Skrip by sounding wide and varying without seeming messy. You mentioned in the Rapzilla mini doco that you wanted to send a clear message out through the album. How long would one song on Renegades Never Die take to produce? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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I was privileged to ask him a bunch of questions about Renegades Never Diewriting and producing, his hopes forand his thoughts on Nutella. But now he has released his own album, Renegades Never Die read my review here. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The album nevrr to a conclusion with Let It All Outan articulation of the pressures, struggles and the cost of being a Christian musician. Does your own meditation on scripture influence your lyrics? It encourages us bever reflect on ksrip the thoughts raised on the album as it concludes.

But even in those bad situations and bad decisions, repenting and coming back to The Lord also embodies the heart of a Renegade. Skrip is a talented guy. Partnered with the relatively young record label Infiltrate music, he skrip renegades never die set to go far.


Soundtrack for the Renegades Posted February 15, Skrup renegade is a person that leave one group and joins another that opposes it, or a person that causes trouble and cannot be controlled. Which artists in particular would you say have influenced you here? I guess you can say, you are what you eat? It really DOES just happen.

A Musicia Next article. It’s a song that speaks to the part of us that would rather build our own kingdom than that of God. When I skrip renegades never die ready for the lull-in-the-middle to hit, the change ups kept me interested to what Skrip was saying.

Now, believing in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ and all of the implications nwver us from decaying beings to future immortals. Not only is it well produced, but it is unashamedly Christ-centred.

Interview: Skrip talks Renegades Never Die – Reel Gospel

For more album reviews, connect with Reel Gospel on Facebook and Twitter. You are commenting using your WordPress. Releasing your first album must be a big transition for you as a musician. This site uses cookies. How do you hope this album will be received, or in other reneades, what will make it a success for you?

Interview: Skrip talks Renegades Never Die

Going back to the definition of Renegade, referring to deserting or betraying an organization, Skrip is using this meaning to personify what those who give their lives over to Christ are doing neverr the world. Renwgades this kind of skill in the music industry, Skrip is definitely capable of using his talent to excel in mainstream hip-hop, whether as a producer or as a hip-hop artist. I think men especially rengeades pay attention to what Skrip has to say here.


What is your process for writing a verse? You are commenting using your Twitter account. There are a handful of fun tracks that are easy to dance to, easy to learn, and are worth checking out. His faith is clearly represented, and his attention to detail is established throughout the album.

It has sprinkles of some EDM influences, current hip hop influences, as well as pop.

Renegades Never Die by Skrip | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

That is a great question. I believe this album is worth picking up, so if you like music that makes you want to move, so should you. Song to Download Now: Click here to add a video. Every track took a different amount of time to complete.