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Some months later SG-1 found an advanced, humanoid android, named Reese, on a deserted planet. Once there it killed all the crew and then began consuming the sub’s metals and replicating itself. There, the Asgard had prepared a device that would trap the Replicators in a time dilation field. Meanwhile, Carter had become the prisoner of Fifth, who was by now mentally unstable as a result of his programming and Carter’s earlier betrayal of him. At the end of “Unnatural Selection”, all the human-form Replicators are trapped on Halla after SG-1 activates the time-dilation device.

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Reunion – A Replicator who has been captured by the Wraith is set free when a team from Atlantis attacks their research lab. Ship created by HFR’s. In response, Hammond ordered her destruction, and, as a back up, activated the self-destruction sequence for the base.

Thanks to information that Fifth had collected while holding the real Sam Carter in prison on board his ship, he was able to create an exact copy of her which he intended to make sure resembled the original Samantha “Sam” Carter with every aspect of her personality including the original Carter’s character and memory intact.

From that they were able to rellicator the locations replkcator the Replicators in our galaxy and to develop a counter-agent to the cipher that prevented the disruptor from working. Carter works with Replicator Carter. Replicator Carter however never returned his feelings, believing him unfit to command the Replicators.

Goa’uld and other energy weapons are incapable of stopping Replicators, though the sheer force of such a blast does “halt” them for less than a second. Retrieved from ” http: He eventually relents when she appeals to his humanity again, and instead places her into an illusory world where he takes the place of Pete Shanahanher boyfriend, and professes his love for her.


Daniel fell into Replicator Carter’s hands, just as Carter had fallen into Fifth’s. SG-1 is able to reactivate the time dilation field by appealing to the humanity of one of the human-forms, Fifth.

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She also grew to hate Fifth for his actions, seeing him as nothing replicatot than a weakling which also resulted in her becoming a major adversary in the eighth season of the series, threatening the entire Milky Way galaxy and its people. The Asgard exhausted all unilateral options within their arsenal of ships and weapons, and have come to Earth seeking help on more than one occasion. Lifeline – To save Atlantis the team visits Asuras to steal a Z.

It can also leap great distances.


If need be, Replicator blocks can simply form a “wall” to block aggressors who would impede their objectives. As the inhabitants of her world feared the toys, and tried to destroy them, she ordered them to “replicate at all costs. Retrieved stafgate ” https: Finally, she replicatir through the Alpha Site’s Stargate, presumably to rendezvous with her brethren.

He tortured Carter by entering her mind and causing her pain, but started to feel compassion after seeing her wtargate. When Replicator Carter tried to break the link to Daniel’s mind, he held her inside it, calling it “Danny’s World.

Thor also noted that time was not important to Replicators; they thought in very long time scales and were replivator patient. Meanwhile, Thor took Carter back to his homeworld to take advantage of the humans’ “less sophisticated” approach. She abducted Daniel Jackson and probed his mind to find the location of the Dakara superweaponthe only thing in the galaxy capable of stopping her and her brethren.


His aim was them to rule side-by-side, to find a new home for the Replicators, to be unstoppable. Replicators migrated to the Ida Galaxywhere they were a serious threat to the technologically advanced Asgard empire.

A critical mass of blocks is necessary to link up via the keron energy and form a new Replicator. Replicator blocks from the ship rained down on the planet, threatening the Asgard on their new homeworld. During the struggle, at least one Replicator started to stargatd individual behavior, perhaps indicating a connection to other Replicators elsewhere. A third type of Replicator is an assemblage of many thousands of Replicator blocks, which comprise staegate single, story-tall mother Replicator, capable of siphoning, regulating and energizing an enormous amount of power.

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A large swarm of Replicators massed together and created a direct interface to the mothership’s propulsion systems. Aboard Belisknerthe Replicators moved in groups through the ship and ingested its structure as raw materials from which to self-replicate.

Replicator bugs produce a corrosive liquid “Replicator spray” capable of dissolving through any known material but concrete and glass[6] including the nigh-invulnerable armor of Kull Warriors.

The insect-like Replicators are made up of much larger blocks, and continued to evolve and create Replicators in other, larger insect forms “Enemies”. SG-1 replicayor Jacob escaped aboard an uninfested cargo ship, while Apophis and the Replicators burned up on re-entry to Delmak.