Network compatible site licence only. In addition, 2D Design V2 provides an intuitive tool to compile design folder pages by importing photographs, scanned sketches and research material alongside CAD drawings — the possibilities are endless. NO Chemical disposal problems. The options are endless — the texture fill could be used to simply render a drawing with a photograph of the material it will be made from; the pattern fill could become an application in its own right to design patterns for Sublimation work or embroidery. There is no practical limit to the complexity of drawing 2D Design V2 is capable of doing. NO Multi-stage manufacturing processes.

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Version 1 to Version 2 Upgrade Prices: Although designed with professional capability, tecysoft ease of use means that 2D Design is the CAD standard for the vast majority of UK secondary schools. When ordering please state: Part way through installing it will ask you for the licence file. Username or Email Address.

2D Design V2

There will probably be a link on your desktop Techsoft 2d Next? Download at School If you are in school you can find it on the O: This site uses cookies: Now TechSoft have devised clean, quick and simple solutions using manufacturing machines already widely available and proven in techsoft 2d.


Unlike many CAD packages, 2D Design V2 has a simple desktop that lets learners start with basic tools, adding new tools as their confidence grows. Tips for Creatin Drawings Set the size of your material.

Techsoft 2D Design | Fallibroome Academy

This will register it for you. Prices excluding VAT Products. Ordering In order to avoid software theft, the software is encrypted with the name of the licensed user, typically the name of a person, or the name of an individual establishment. Techsoft 2d drawings can be printed out at school or techsoft 2d be used to program our laser cutter.

Microsoft recommended minimum hardware specification advised. Simple 2D drawing can start with the youngest pupils and be developed as they move up tecysoft school regardless of which techsort area they may be working in.

Ordering In order to avoid software theft, the software is encrypted with the name of the licensed user, typically the name of a person, or the name of an individual establishment. Cuts all of the way through the material Blue: Download CD Boxed Set.

Firstly, techsoft 2d very simple to use PCB design package, developed specifically for the needs of education and secondly, a PCB manufacturing system. Students will be able to save work for output back at school. The track and pad data techsoft 2d a PCB drawing is recognised and preserved when transferred into 2D Design V2 — and vice versa. You are allowed to use the software for as long as you are a student of The Techsoft 2d Academy.


A key feature of 2D Design V2 is the high level of integration that has been built in between the output device and the drawing stages of design. When weeded, the circuit can be applied to any suitable substrate such as plastic sheet, wood or card. When ordering please state: When you output a file a drawing techsoft 2d the machine there is just a simple dialogue to let the machine know what you want it to do and what settings it should use.

This compatibility means maximum flexibility for complete electronic product design. Speak to your teacher to arrange a time. NO Dangerous chemicals and messy etch tanks. An A4 piece of material is X mm, Y mm Remember the colour of the lines!

Techsoft 2D Design

By KS4, 2D Design V2 simply becomes a powerful tool for designing and making, and continues to be so into sixth form and beyond. All the line-geometry, techsodt, edit, attach and dimensioning tools are there.

Schools may choose to charge a nominal amount per student, to recoup the cost.