I’m also sick of following every viewpoint characters minute thoughts. All those were cool ideas the first time they happened, but I don’t really want to see them done again. Hope this is just an issue of being the middle book of a trilogy but i didn’t enjoy this one very much. I’ve come to accept that from a Brooks book, though. The Ellcrys is dying and chooses Arlingfant to be her successor.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Buy the Audiobook Download: View all 5 comments. The last chapters of this book will leave you reading late into the quesh and the last page will booodfire you fling t A great book! I feel that this volume served the only qyest of cr This series terry brooks bloodfire quest much better than the preceding two High Broooks of Shannara and Legends of Shannara.

The Druids had feared for some time now that diapason weapons even more destructive and dangerous than those already employed by the Federation were on the horizon. At his worst, a Terry Brooks book is better than most other author’s best. This is book 2 of the trilogy, and after having finished this book I find it it it may be hard to finish the series, mostly because I don’t care what happens. From terry brooks bloodfire quest start to cliffhanger ending, this is an epic for the ages!

The plot’s meander a bit. As usual, I was submerged back into such an awesome and colorful world that Brooks has built. The tree that maintains the barrier between the Four Lands and the Forbidding.


The Bloodfire Quest

See 1 question about Bloodfire Quest…. I have high hopes for, Witch Wraith, the concluding chapter in this trilogy Oct 06, Sergio rated it liked it. By linking “The Word and the Void” to Shannara the adult level of this series has stepped up with truly vicious antagonists of such power that not everyone is going to make it out. I really have a hard time telling the differences broooks them.

Bloodfire Quest | Shannara Wiki – Exploring the Magical World of Shannara | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He is required reading. It’s very exciting, and it’s been making me turn the pages as fast as I can read wanting more. But frankly, the new twists were lacking. As they try to find a way to obtain their goals and rescue their friends the Federation is working against them and interferes with their plans. Brooks is not terry brooks bloodfire quest nice here, it’s one of his darkest series and this book specifically that he has ever written, and I like terry brooks bloodfire quest.

I imagined Elven Hunters, Rovers and trolls wearing them, it seems that they’re less than cannon fodder. I felt like in The Bloodfire Quest Mr. Bloodfire Quest is pages long and is the middle volume in the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. I know that there are certain tropes that always happen in the Shannara series. This is a soft 5 star; it is not great literature but I would strongly recommend it to anyone who reads fantasy and recommend this series as start point for people who don’t.


It continues the story of the search for the Elfstones and brings in Arlingfant, a Chosen if the Ellcrys. Still, through it all, this is very much a Terry Brooks book.

Bloodfire Quest

Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks Rev Aug 27, GrilledCheeseSamurai rated it liked it. It seems like this book has put together all of the ideas that we’ve already read before.

They do set off to find the Bloodfire, but I felt the heart of the story was with the Ard Rhys and Redden who are trapped in the Forbidding. Sometimes it seemed that too much was happening in this book: If Tolkien is the grandfather of qeust fantasy, Terry Brooks is its favorite uncle. And as I began, even at his worst, he’s still the best–but when you’re the best you are judged to a higher standard and your fans should hold you to that higher standard.

Their personalities seem identical – there were too many quests in this book – too terry brooks bloodfire quest discussions about the next journey before packing up to leave.