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Following the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal, Takua discovered the Kanohi Avohkii, Mask of Light, and once again set off across the island, this time accompanied by his best friend Jaller, in the hope they could locate the seventh Toa. This Bionicle Toa Nuva set humanoid has a special move: However, he ultimately learned to work with him and even came to respect him. She was also a translator, and her area of expertise was the capture of water Rahi. With just 36 pieces populating the Lego set, you can quickly put them together and build yourself the legendary Tahu Nuva. The Toa are six element-powered heroes who are summoned to the island of Okoto to save the inhabitants from the schemes of Makuta and his minions. He is intelligent, wise, and strong.

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Lego Bionicle Warriors Makuta From a place of concealment, he would launch silent spinners to incapacitate his targets.

The fusion’s hold over the team was disrupted when a being called “Annona” attacked the Skakdi, freeing them from its control. The Toa of Stone, Pohatu is regarded as one of the friendliest Toa. In the rebooted series, Kopaka carries an Ice Spear and a Frost Shield, the latter weapon being able to split apart into a pair of skiis. He later intercepted a dark presence in his mind and went after the culprit, the Dark Hunter codenamed “Dweller”.

After Mata Nui’s victory, he helped lead the inhabitants of the reformed Spherus Magna, the original “paradise. He also has excellent night vision but can’t see well in bright light. Lewa [9] is armed with the Kanohi Miru, Mask of Levitation, which allows him to glide or hover in the air; the Nuva version allowing him to nua this ability with others.


She always strives to achieve her vision of the greater good, no matter the decisions and choices she has to make to get it. He was best friends with Takua, who later became Toa Takanuva, and their friendship continues even as Toa.

I really wish it came with the riding machine. Takua began wandering across the island, and undertook errands to aid the Turaga of all the villages. Despite his fear, he did his best to fulfill his new duties.

PSQ Toa Nuva – Summoner Stats – League of Legends

He provided the Toa Nuva with vital information and fought against the Makuta. However, he eventually grew accustomed to being a Toa.

Nuvaa reached the hole just before Voya Nui fell back into place, and fell through a torrent of water to Karda Nui, the core of the Matoran Universe while the others held off the Barraki. He retains much of his original personality, primarily his cold demeanor, with the added elements of a strict code of conduct, clumsiness, a poor sense of direction, and perfectionism.

Arriving to rescue the Toa Metru, sent to their deaths, they informed them of their mutation by Hordika venom into Toa Hordika, educating them in their new forms and the tia of a cure in Keetongu.

As a Phantoka, [22] he is armed with a Midak Skyblaster along with Twin Propellers which double as drills. She additionally had propellers as a Nuva.

Pieces are in good quality. She carries a juva of Protosteel Talons and a Cordak Blaster. As a Rahaga, Norik was armed with a Rhotuka spinner with the Snare power, which tangled the limbs of a target. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the theme’s original story Generation 1the Toa are heroic beings – usually depicted in nuga of six – whose duty is to protect their villager counterparts, the Matoran, from danger and maintain peace throughout their universe.


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His gold colored armor turned to a shining iron gray color, to symbolize the powers of light and shadow now surging through his right and left hands.

They then added the suffix “Nuva” meaning “New” to their name and masks. The chosen guardians of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, destined to awaken him if he would ever fall. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Toa (Bionicle)

As a Toa Mahri, he wears the Kanohi Volitak, Mask of Stealth, which allows him to become completely silent and mostly transparent. To his own surprise, it came off right when he touched it, but before long the Mask flew into the sea. Constructible Lego sets depicting Toa were marketed as the main toys of the franchise and released regularly throughout its tenure. She was also a translator, and her area of expertise was the capture roa water Nuvaa. These abilities were lost when he was turned into a Rahaga, but he has since regained his powers.

Despite being a Toa of Water, Helryx is extremely fierce, somewhat impatient, and quick to anger. Lego Windows 1x2x2 Fixed Glass Red