Tony has a great tutorial and offers a number of masking actions which you can download for a small donation. Using your panels has made all the difference. This is a natural extension of what luminosity masks can do and many segments utilize them to blend exposures and control light in various tonal ranges. Covers Photoshop installation, image handling, and common adjustments. Of your work, I use the Channels Lum Masks almost routinely. If the author had seen RapidMask2 panel he would agree that it breaks the barrier for ease of use.

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Ken has an amazingly diverse online gallery of gorgeous images. Not only does David have a great eye for photographs, but he’s also developed a style that showcases how bringing the perfect light to an image makes you want to just linger a bit longer and enjoy. Makes all types of pixel-based masks, like color, channel, and saturation masks, not just luminosity masks. He not only feeds me ideas for improved ways to use pixel-based masks, but his videos have also been instrumental in explaining these techniques to the photo community.

Luminosity masks aren’t tony kuyper actions for nature photographers. So thank you again for all your hard work putting this together.

Tony Kuyper Photography—TKActions V5 panel

The videos review how to install the modules, how to set up Photoshop for luminosity maskshow to use the various buttons, and ways to incorporate the panel into a any workflow. So thank you again for all your hard work putting this together.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Luminosity selections are very precise and self-feathering selections based on the luminosity, or brightness value, of every pixel kugper an image. Sean has a unique ability to explain even complicated things in a manner that makes them understandable to almost everyone, and while the modules really aren’t all that complex, Sean shows just how easy it is to use them.


TK Actions remains my ttony to tool for luminance masking. Sean Bagshaw Videos —Sean Bagshaw is an expert user of luminosity masks, and his video series Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, 2nd edition has helped many photographers learn to use luminosity masks successfully in their photographs.

Once you understand the concepts behind the masks, Photoshop can do toy the hard work of making any mask or even multiple masks tony kuyper actions and efficient. They are a tremendous help. Sean Bagshaw shows you ton to do that in this video: Multiple output options including tony kuyper actions masks on adjustment and pixel layers.

Adding them as layer masks on adjustment layers and painting through active luminosity selections are two common techniques.

The V5 panel makes is super easy to generate, evaluate, and adjust luminosity masks in order to find or create the one that best selects the desired tones in the image. Moving the mouse over any button provides information on what it does in the window at the bottom of the panel. Many have taken time to write about them tpny their own. I am amazed how much you have been able to simplify the UI and make it more intuitive Tony kuyper actions am starting to rework a few images, previously done with the earlier versions, and must ton I really like what I am seeing.


Instead, it’s a tonj of modules that can be arranged as the user sees fit. While V4 was in itself an exceptional accomplishment, V5 is a quantum leap beyond that.

The download folder has additional videos on installing the panel, setting up the color workspace, and workflow demonstrations on how to use the panel. Works on both Mac and Actiions computers. Post was not tony kuyper actions – check your email addresses! I had to stop in the middle of processing an image with TK Actions V6 for the first time and let you sctions that V6 is absolutely fantastic!

I am starting to rework a few images, previously done with the earlier versions, and must say I really like what I am seeing. This panel generates luminosity masks with a single button click.

Tony Kuyper’s Updated Actions Panel: Great New Features and Photoshop CC (2014) Compatible

The tony kuyper actions and flexibility in one compact panel is extraordinary. More information on the videos can be found below. One of the most important aspects of Photoshop is the ability to make selections and masks. It is a dramatic improvement over the V4 version not only in terms of performance, but also its well though-out design. I have downloaded Sean Kuypsr video guide and feel very comfortable with the functionality of the panel.