He hired Onyi Papa Jey to work with him. They are mistreated and miss the love from their parents. Entertainment , Facts and Life Hacks. It has approximately two hundred thousand views on You Tube. This was according to The Standard newspaper.

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Tony Nyadundo Isanda gi hera was released inthe song is in the album kidi obaye e toke.

Best Tony Nyadundo songs so far

He later on tony nyadundo his own group and moved back to Tanzania for some time, to stay with his other sister Cyprose Atieno. In the yearhis brother,Jack Nyadundo, formed a music group which was performing Ohangla music. He talks how love can make someone go crazy.

Several other people were injured too.

‚ÄéTony Nyadundo on Apple Music

He was married with two kids but was divorced in after the locals fed his wife with rumors about tony nyadundo promiscuity of the music industry. Kong’o omera to tony nyadundo oinga hasviews on yourube. One can still get the jam on Mdundo. That was the birth of his professional music career and he finally released his first album, Ayaki and began gaining financially since becoming a musician.

They are forced to grow up with one of the parents, grandparents or even worse with foster parents who have no love for them. He is a Kenyan icon famous for his vernacular songs in Luo.


He has two children from the marriage. Inhe released an album named Obama alluding to Tony nyadundo Obama the former president of The United states of America whose father comes from the Luo lake-side community. He tony nyadundo released an album in dubbed Migingo, this was due to the dispute over Migingo island in lake Victoria between Kenya and Uganda.

Tony Nyadundo Hospitalized After Being Attacked in Kisumu – Photos

His brother Jack Nyadundo formed a group performing Ohangla music, and Tony eventually joined the group after While at a tender age, his twin sister, Apiyo passed away. Love cuts across all tribes and races. The song by the vernacular song writer and singer has tony nyadundo on YouTube and 39 dislikes. It has approximately ten thousand views on You Tube. In he moved to Dandora in Nairobi but did not achieve much success and then moved to Kisumu, where his brother Jack had become a popular musician.

In the yearTony Nyadundo moved back to Kenya but now in Migori where he performed for the fishing tony nyadundo of the region. At kisima awards in ,Tony Nyadundo won the traditional category. In this song,he talks about the pain that comes with divorce.


In he released album Obama. Nyadundo moved to Dandora in Nairobi in in search for greener pastures but his music was not a success in the city.

He worked as a tailor until They are mistreated and miss the love from their parents. He moved back to Kisumu where his brother was rocking the lakeside city.

He is now branded the “King of Ohangla”. Nyadundi was married but divorced in It has approximately two hundred thousand views on You Tube. Tony’s twin sister died while he was young. Others will do the unthinkable things for their loved ones. Detectives drop investigations against TUKO. In tony nyadundo track, Tony Nyadundo tony nyadundo the ironical part of love. Tony Nyadundo was born in the year at tony nyadundo place called Kal in Tanzania.

This is true as people in the world do crazy things just because of love.