ulquiorra segunda etapa

Not to mention IF Ulquiorra did aspire to rebel against Aizen and take his place, he most likely could have done so before Aizen was able to finally use the hogyoku. He’s the only one with a second release because he’s the only one who figured out how to go further, again becoming stronger in your first release is probably completely separate to working out how to go to second release. I’d love to say that if Aizen knew about his second release he would have been the top Espada, as to me he seemed the most powerful and the coolest. My personal opinion on why he never showed Aizen his true form is because he was being calculated. But he didn’t and was trusted with many responsibilities that the other espada weren’t. Sorry if it’s a bit long.

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Hero Hero 1 1. He likes to make plans. Unsourced material may be disputed or deleted. Personally, I think Ulquiorra in his second release was the most powerful thing we’ve seen so far other than Aizen and Ichigo post-Dangai, but I’m sure many people and probably even the author would disagree with me. The proof to this is when Aizen told ichigo “the fact you are here means you have defeated ulquiorra”.

Arrancars have the power of soul reapers and soul reapers swords have 2 different forms shikai eegunda form and then bankai 2nd Form or release state. In conclusion, yes, Aizen more then likely knew about it and talked to Ulquiorra about it, deciding to keep it between themselves, yet would keep Ulquiorra at number 4 sense it would seem strange if the 5th segumda espada, I say fifth because while Ulquiorra was numbered at 4 the numbering system for espada was Thinking that way, he could also match wits with Aizen, given his powers, intelligence, patience and lack of feelings towards others.


Ulquiorra Shifar (Resurreccion Segunda Etapa version)

The answers here are all unsubstantiated fan musings. Sorry for the very long answer.

This is the reason why aizen had ulquiorra guard las noches so he could ultimately battle ichigo. Got no proof but I say Aizen knew it Cause this image chap P19 Degunda he stated in the story, he planned it all. Aizen had rarely fought, at first having his espada fight for sebunda. Sorry if it’s a bit long. I believe he kept it as a trump card just in case he and Aizen faced off.

Answer to first question: If so, please edit your post to include a link to the place from where you took it. Seeing how they’re a new form of hollow but with soul reaper powers they probably have not explored all of their powers unlike soul reapers who have been around for over a years which means they would know more ulquuorra their seginda and how they operate. And stick to them. He would have figured out that while soul reapers have their skikai and bankai, arrancars would most likely be able to have their own version of bankai, just as their first release is similar to a soul reapers shikai.

So basically the 2nd form Resurreccion segunda, which means 2nd resurrection, is the 2nd form of the sword similar to a soul reapers bankai. Sign up using Facebook.

Ulquiorra Shifar (Resurreccion Segunda Etapa version) | Brave Souls, FYI

He was annoyed because he was so clearly stronger than Ichigo that it seemed stupid to him that Ichigo wouldn’t give up, that’s why he showed him his second release. And as several others have said, it is most likely that Ulquiorra was just the first espada to discover and use the second release, Aizen not revealing to other arrancars, or even just the other espada, that it is possible for them to do this as they all seemed to be more loyal to their fraccion or to more loyal to themselves, unlike Ulquiorra who seemed to not only have no faccion, but never wavered in his loyalty to lord Aizen, you could say that in comparison that Ulquiorra is like the perfect soldier.


And the rest is of the same stripe. And I was really looking forward to sitting on that throne, too. Why is he the only espada with a second release? Because he was actively disloyal to Aizen.

Ulquiorra is indeed the strongest espada. Actually, I just know how important the number 3 is to Halibel. Sign up using Email and Password. Aizen might not have seen ulquiorra’s segunda ulqquiorra but he must have known that he is far more powerful than number 4 suggests.

Saying he never showed Aizen his second release, does not mean that Aizen did not only know about it, but most likely talked to Ulquiorra about it at some point, we have seen that while at times Aizen can etapx very arrogant at times, like in his final fight with Ichigo, he is a genius.

The way Ulquiorra spoke when he said he never showed Aizen his 2nd release was vague, as he didn’t exactly have klquiorra show Aizen his power, but he might have told him and made a plan with Aizen to keep it hidden from Gin, Tosen, and the other espada in case they rebelled, much like how Nel regained her power as an espada and starting to fight, and how Grimmjow went against orders to fight Ichigo, except to a more extreme level like a full scale rebellion.

He was already absolutely trouncing him in his initial release, it wasn’t like Goku going Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza out of necessity, it would have been like Goku then going Super Saiyan 2 and ripping Frieza’s limbs off one at a time. Are Mar 16 at I came across an answer while scavenging the net and I think it’s pretty good: